Version 3.2.1 GA (3.7.0 GA Suite Release)


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Released: 11/Nov/10

Release Notes

Version 3.2.1 General Availability, part of 3.7.0, 3.7.01, and 3.8.0 suite releaseShow more
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-637Using Except in the slicer makes no senseJulian HydeClosed
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-726Change 13509 is not Excel 2007 compatibleRahul GurjarClosed$VisualTotalMember cannot be cast to mondrian.rolap.RolapCubeMemberJulian HydeClosed
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-766Bug in escaping strings containing backslash for MySQLJulian HydeClosed
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-882Regression 3.7.0GA vs 3.5.0GAWill GormanClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-463DimensionUsage joined at non-leaf level does not workJulian HydeClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-706SQL using hierarchy attribute 'Column Name' instead of 'Column' in the filterLuc BoudreauClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-747When joining a shared dimension into a cube at a level other than its leaf level, Mondrian gives wrong results.Julian HydeClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-779Include/exclude filter not workingGolda ThomasClosed
HighImprovementMONDRIAN-821Expose a way for clients to get a unique rolap schema IDLuc BoudreauClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-822When using a measures format mask of #.#, integers display with an empty decimal place (e.g. "100.")Jared CorneliusClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-568If two cubes have dimension with same name, mondrian treats grant to one as grant to otherJared CorneliusClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-652Add support for generic annotations to Mondrian schemaBenny ChowClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-682VisualTotals + Distinct-count measure gives wrong resultsJulian HydeClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-695Unexpected data set may returned when MDX slicer contains multiple dimensionsGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-711Wrong behaviour with approxRowCount attribute added in a Level elementJared CorneliusClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-718Direct References to Members on a Dimension that has calculated members defined will not be foundJared CorneliusClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-724Cannot reference Member that has the same name as the Level.Jared CorneliusClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-735Indian format stringsGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-755Getting drillthrough count results in exceptionJulian HydeClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-756Error in RolapResult.replaceNonAllMembers leads to NPELi DengClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-775When a role is restricted to see a dimension, JPivot puts the dimension in the filter instead of hiding it.Jared CorneliusClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-776mondrian.xsd updated to new specificationsLuc BoudreauClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-777The identical view acting as a relation for a dimension table and fact table is determined not equal, causing issues with degenerate dimensions in viewsJared CorneliusClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-799Currency format string shows a junk character for the currency symbolGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-805Two dimensions with hasAll=false failJulian HydeClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-814MDX with specific where clause doesnt workJulian HydeClosed
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