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Instaview isn't immediately obvious to an evaluator because of the way the installer is implemented


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      Instaview isn't immediately obvious to an evaluator because of the way the installer is implemented. Are we going to have a "Instaview" download or will we expect users to know that Instaview is a perspective within Kettle or should we add an option in the installer to launch PDI or Instaview modes (or something)?

      If we want to guide users into kettle via Instaview then I think we should have a specific Instaview installer.
      1. Users that want Instaview have to know to use the PDI EE installer.
      2. Installer asks the user to enter admin user and passwords for data integration server - this could be confusing to someone wanting to use Instaview. Maybe a messaging thing within the installer. If users understand that Instaview is a part of our Data Integration tool then this may be easier to understand why you need to set these. But users that want only to work local don't need to set up repository. Can this be set up later?
      3. Upon completion of installation user is asked if they want to start PDI. If yes then PDI starts up in data integration perspective like today. Again not great experience if user is expecting to be working with Instaview.

      If users are expecting to use Instaview the installer should launch PDI in Instaview perspective so they can get that simple Instaview experience. This way they are not presented the repository log in and they are seeing Instaview right away. This first impression is important for a user when working with a new tool.

      Setting the users expectations out of the box/during installation could be key for the experience.


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