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REST Client is very slow compared to HTTP Post



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      Windows 7
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      To demonstrate the problem, I created two identical transformations that generate 1,000 rows of test input and POST the data to a web service.

      The HTTP Post example finishes in 1.2 seconds, with the HTTP Post step averaging 890 rows/second.

      The REST Client example however requires over 30 seconds to complete, and the REST Client step can only average 32 rows/second.

      I can accept smaller performance discrepancies, but unfortunately a 30:1 slowdown makes the REST Client unacceptable for my uses. For one thing, I am using PDI to update an Apache Solr search engine with millions of documents.

      I do not quite know what might be wrong with the REST Client implementation. It appears to use Jersey as a JAX-RS implementation. Jersey however is overkill for PDI--a java.net.HttpURLConnection would do just as well to connect to a web service, control HTTP headers and method, send a request body and receive a response body. You don't need Jersey to do any of those things.

      I do see however that the Jersey objects are fully initialized upon each call to processRow. Assuming there is non-negligible overhead to some of this initialization, that could explain some of the performance problems.




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