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EPIC: As an Administrator, I want the ability to monitor DI Servers and other PDI related components (Enterprise Edition only)



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      This is the master story epic with the following raw overview:

      1) Monitor the health status of different components (monitoring objects), e.g.:

      • multiple Pentaho Servers (DI-Servers and in the future also the BI-Servers)
      • Carte and clustered environments (via database logs and HTTP calls)
      • Kitchen/Pan (monitor database logs or access to log files)
      • external components like JVMs, Application Servers, Databases etc.

      2) Predefined and customizable Reports, Analysis & Dashboards to provide status, logs, determining speed and throughput etc. about the monitoring objects (all: actual status vs. history)

      3) Automated tasks (headless operations): Fire events (e.g. Notification/Alerts via e-mail or restarting processes) depending on thresholds (e.g. max/min) or triggers (e.g. when a process ends)

      4) The monitoring impact to the system should be minimized (e.g. building an extra monitoring data mart, define cleaning log rules etc.)

      5) Working in a browser, no need to install an extra tool at the "operators desk" is preferred by larger organizations with a separate operations department

      6) Monitoring objects need to be grouped for easier monitoring and defining authorization (e.g. into server groups like a cluster schema, eventually tenants / projects)

      7) Fine grained authorization who and what monitoring objects can be monitored

      8) Link Scheduling with Monitoring

      --> More details can be found in the monitoring backlog, related cases and sub-tasks
      Monitoring - Backlog (4.4.0 GA): http://jira.pentaho.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&jqlQuery=project+%3D+PDI+AND+fixVersion+%3D+11319


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