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As an ETL developer, I need a Set-Reset and Toggle Flip-flop to store and add state information to the data stream



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      Function: a) Set an output value to a constant or a source value field depending on a condition

      Function: b) Reset an output value to a constant or a source value field depending on a condition

      Function: c) Toggle an output value between two constants or source value fields depending on a condition

      Use Case: The use cases are mainly coming from processing data streams that have flattened hierarchical data structures (e.g. processing a XML data stream, see attachments to PDI-5313).

      An example for invoicing data with header and detail rows: when a header line is coming in, set the invoice number field and keep this field for all invoice details until the next header line.

      Design considerations: The above mentioned output value needs to store it's state between rows until it is Set/Reset or Toggled again.

      Some general basics about Flip-Flops can be found over here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flip-flop_%28electronics%29
      The mentioned Delay Flip-flop is already implemented by the Analytic Query step.

      Simplified examples for a Set-Reset Flip-flop and Toggle Flip-flop will be added later on.




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