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Parsing numbers with scientific notation



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      Kettle 3.1 and prior releases has had limited support for scientific
      notation, eg 4.03075e+006. One such question in the forum was
      answered that BigNumber should be tried out:


      That has worked until now. In the trunk for future releases, BigNumber
      has been enhanced to take into consideration the Format, by using
      DecimalFormat.parse(). However, these changes also means Kettle
      looses any built-in support for scientific notation. Text File Input now
      cannot parse this as a Number nor a BigNumber.

      Moreover, since Text File Input silently truncates non-number parts of number fields
      4.03075e+006 would not result in an error but in 4.03075. I think
      this might lead to future confusion and difficulties. See this discussion
      in the forum:


      I have unfortunately no good solution for how this can be easily solved.
      One suggestion would be to use parse(String, ParsePosition) for
      string-to-number conversions and add a checkbox to Text File Input to
      handle such numbers with error or truncation as discussed in the forum.

      However, this doesn't solve the scientific notation. That could maybe
      be done by acting upon parseposition < length and try to parse the latter
      parts of the field as scientific notation (comparing with the specified
      Format). If you happen to think this is a good approach (feels a bit
      dirty to me) you could have a look at the BigDecimal constructor
      which does this parsing.

      If not, maybe a workaround could be suggested in the Wiki?



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