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PDI 8.1 does not pre-populate the list of variables in the "Run Config" UI for Jobs



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      • Load job_var.kjb
      • Open the "Run Config" dialog in 8.0: The variable var2 is listed in the UI
      • Open the "Run Config" dialog in 8.1: The variable var2 is NOT listed in the UI


      This is working fine for Transformations.

      Background information: The Spoon "Run Options" dialog fills in all used variables into the list of variables.
      PDI 8.0 fills in the variables in the "Run Options" dialog with a default "blank/null" value on Transformations AND Jobs.
      PDI 8.1 fills in the variables in the "Run Options" dialog with a default "blank/null" value on Transformations BUT NOT for Jobs.
      So when you use the job_var.kjb and fill in the blank variable, it shows correct as "blank/null".
      When you remove all variables in PDI 8.0, it shows the variable as ${var1} or ${var2} what is correct. So there is no change in behavior from the execution side between 8.0 and 8.1.
      The change in behavior in PDI 8.1 is only in the UI that the blank variable does not get pre-populated. This needs to get fixed (but don't break PDI-16885, so when parameters are given, don't list them as variables as well - just in case )

      FYI: To reproduce the issue reliable, you need to restart Spoon or use a different variable on each test since the variable space is kept in memory from the last execution.

      To avoid regressions, I added test cases for variables and parameters for jobs and transformations.


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