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When using CASE WHEN in a CalculatedMember values are not returned the way expected. Return value looks like this : [Lmondrian.olap.Member;@6073d6f3


    • Type: Bug
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    • Severity: High
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    • Affects Version/s: 3.2.1 GA (3.7.0 GA Suite Release)
    • Fix Version/s: Backlog
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      I am running Ubuntu 10.04, retrieving the data with PAT 0.8 under Chrome 8.0 and PRD 3.6.1.GA
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      Ubuntu 10.04


      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <Schema name="LogsSchema">
          <Cube name="Log">
          <Table name="livrable_fact_table"/>
         <Dimension name="Roadmap" foreignKey="livrable_id">
            <Hierarchy hasAll="true" primaryKey="livrableid">
              <Table name="dimlivrable"/>
               <Level name="RoadmapD" column="roadmapname" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>
               <Level name="Niveau" column="level" type="Numeric" uniqueMembers="false"/>
               <Level name="Exigence" column="exigencename" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>
               <Level name="Livrable" column="livrablename" type="String" uniqueMembers="false"/>
          <Measure name="Realized" column="done" aggregator="sum" formatString="#"/>
          <CalculatedMember name="PLTEST" dimension="Measures">
              CASE [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Level.Name
                           WHEN "Livrable"
                              THEN ([Roadmap].CurrentMember.Value / COUNT([Roadmap].CurrentMember.Parent.Children))
                           WHEN "Exigence"
                              THEN SUM([Roadmap].CurrentMember.Children, [Measures].[PLTEST])
                           WHEN "Niveau"
                              THEN (SUM([Roadmap].CurrentMember.Children, [Measures].[PLTEST]) / COUNT([Roadmap].CurrentMember.Children))
                           WHEN "RoadmapD"
                              THEN ([Roadmap].[HSEGR- 01. 001-C03FUE1].[1], [Measures].[PLTEST])
                          ELSE 999
             <CalculatedMemberProperty name="FORMAT_STRING" value="##,###"/>

      You can find above the mondrian schema that I am using.

      The problem is that the WHEN "RoadmapD" THEN ([Roadmap].[HSEGR- 01. 001-C03FUE1].[1], [Measures].[PLTEST]) returns me something that has this shape : [Lmondrian.olap.Member;@6073d6f3

      Why Do I think that is a Bug :

      Using PAT I executed this MDX query

        MEMBER [Measures].[Test]
        AS ' ( [Roadmap].[HSEGR- 01. 001-C03FUE1].[1], [Measures].[PLTEST]) ', FORMAT_STRING ='###########' 
       MEMBER [Measures].[Test2] 
       AS 'CASE [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Level.Name
                WHEN "Livrable"
                   THEN ( [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Value / COUNT ( [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Parent.Children))
                WHEN "Exigence"
                   THEN SUM ( [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Children, [Measures].[PLTEST])
                WHEN "Niveau"
                   THEN ( SUM ( [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Children, [Measures].[PLTEST]) / COUNT ( [Roadmap].CurrentMember.Children))
               WHEN "RoadmapD"
                   THEN ( [Roadmap].[HSEGR- 01. 001-C03FUE1].[1], [Measures].[PLTEST]) ELSE 5 END', FORMAT_STRING="###########" 
            { [Measures].[Realized], [Measures].[PLTEST], [Measures].[Test], [Measures].[Test2] } ON COLUMNS, 
            { [Roadmap].[HSEGR- 01. 001-C03FUE1], [Roadmap].[HSEGR- 01. 001-C03FUE1].Children } ON ROWS 

      You can see the result to this link :

      As you can see the first member [Measures].[Test] returns the [Measures].[PLTEST] that I wanted to retrieve.
      But the second member [Measures].[Test2] does not return the value expected.

      This is my first "bug" that I report in a open source project. I hope that I gave you enough information. If not please contact me.




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