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AS operator has lower precedence than required by MDX specification


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      The AS operator (which creates named sets within expressions) has the wrong precedence.

      For example, given

      select [Time].Children * [Gender].Children as t on 0 from Sales

      should according to the MDX spec be equivalent to

      select [Time].Children * ([Gender].Children as t) on 0 from Sales

      but in current Mondrian it is equivalent to

      select ([Time].Children * [Gender].Children) as t on 0 from Sales

      In other words, 'AS' has lower precedence than '*' but should have higher precedence.

      From "Operators (MDX Syntax)" http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms144825.aspx :

      > The following list shows operator precedence, from highest to lowest.
      > Operators in the same line are equal in precedence, and are
      > evaluated from left to right unless otherwise forced by parenthesis:
      > IS
      > AS
      > DISTINCT
      > :
      > ^
      > /, *
      > +, -
      > EXISTING
      > <>, >=, =, <=, >, <
      > NOT
      > AND
      > XOR
      > OR

      The low precedence of AS is necessary because AS in the CAST operator has low precedence. Otherwise

      CAST(a AND b AS string)

      would be parsed as

      CAST(a AND (b AS string))

      which is silly. It's difficult to give AS different precedences in different contexts, so we chose to favor CAST. If the precedence rules don't suit, you can add parentheses.

      For more examples, search for this bug number in Mondrian source code and test suite. (Bug.BugMondrianXxxFixed.)




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