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Add connect string parameter "Dialect" to use specific dialect class



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      Add a connect string parameter to force Mondrian to use a specific dialect class.

      Parameter is called "Dialect".

      From RolapConnectionProperties.java:

      • The "Dialect" property specifies the SQL dialect to use for connections
      • to this JDBC database.
      • <p>The value of the property is the name of a class that implements the
      • {@link mondrian.spi.Dialect}

        SPI. The class must be on the classpath. It

      • is recommended, but not essential, that the class is in the
      • <code>META-INF/services/mondrian.spi.Dialect</code> configuration
      • file.</p>
      • <p>If the property is not specified, Mondrian scans the registered
      • dialects and uses the first that claims to be able to handle this kind
      • of JDBC connection.</p>

      From Dialect.java:

      • <h3>Explicitly specifying a dialect</h3>
      • <p>You can explicitly specify a dialect in Mondrian's olap4j connect string
      • using the {@link mondrian.rolap.RolapConnectionProperties#Dialect Dialect}
      • connect string property. Such a dialect must implement this Dialect SPI,
      • and may or may not have an explicit dialect factory, as described above.
      • The dialect does not need to be registered in the
      • <code>META-INF/services/mondrian.spi.Dialect</code> configuration
      • file (described below), but we recommend it.</p>
      • <p>Explicit dialects are rarely needed. Usually Mondrian will automatically
      • choose the right dialect for your database. The main case where you would
      • specify a dialect explicitly is when you are developing a dialect for a new
      • database, or creating an alternative version of an existing dialect.</p>
      • <p>Explicitly specified dialects are not cached, nor are schemas that use
      • explicitly specified dialects.</p>




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