Release Notes - Pentaho BA Platform - Version 6.0.0 GA - HTML format


  • [BISERVER-5115] - Bad MDX is generated when physical column names contain periods - can run into when creating new CSV-based data sources
  • [BISERVER-10327] - XSS errors when loading Pentaho Analyzer in an iframe
  • [BISERVER-10399] - Using the Data Source Wizard in V5.0, when join fields are removed from the model, queries return no results.
  • [BISERVER-10586] - IE Browse Perspective - Empty the Trash is enabled when nothing in the Trash, clicking it will give an error.
  • [BISERVER-11151] - Cannot import csv fields if they are in the format #,##0;(#,##0) but works if it starts with a dollar sign
  • [BISERVER-11230] - Platform Plugin's Rest endpoints don't support requesting the WADL document.
  • [BISERVER-11360] - Stack Traces showing actual underlying cause are broken in 5.0.x
  • [BISERVER-11625] - Datasource Management of JDBC is too slow
  • [BISERVER-11747] - While renaming folder with insufficient privileges occurs inconsistent behaviour.
  • [BISERVER-11753] - Patch conflict files checked into source tree
  • [BISERVER-11792] - Invalid deep link generated when creating it against content with special characters in the name
  • [BISERVER-11837] - Data Source (Wizard) creates incorrect data source by CSV file with date fileld
  • [BISERVER-12081] - "Test Connection" dialog is blank in case using database without password
  • [BISERVER-12199] - IMondrianCatalogService.loadCatalogs call on 5.2 EE fails because mondrian 4 doesn't have access to org.pentaho.platform.web.servlet.PentahoDataSourceResolver
  • [BISERVER-12264] - Issues when exporting or importing a directory with a blank / space character
  • [BISERVER-12331] - Delete datasource with special characters isn't possible
  • [BISERVER-12446] - Unable to delete Data Source Connection
  • [BISERVER-12476] - PUC accepts invalid characters when renaming a file
  • [BISERVER-12524] - Regression: Getting create deep link dialog does not work with proxy or when running in port 80
  • [BISERVER-12535] - Unable to create data sources connection as non-admin user
  • [BISERVER-12550] - "Close other tabs" hangs when multiple analyzer reports are open on the PUC
  • [BISERVER-12555] - Stream handler unavailable due to: null errors when deploying to JBoss EAP 6.2
  • [BISERVER-12570] - Regression: Impossible to see folder properties after selection one of the file file from this folder
  • [BISERVER-12579] - Non-admin User Unable to add Data Source Connection
  • [BISERVER-12592] - "Use Description For Tooltips" not reliable
  • [BISERVER-12622] - Major performance issue with scripts loaded via require.js
  • [BISERVER-12637] - Jackrabbit's ds_repos_datastore table can grow out of control causing performance issues
  • [BISERVER-12642] - Inconsistent synchronization leading to deadlock between JCR and PentahoMetadataDomainRepository
  • [BISERVER-12645] - Update Your BA Server Steps Break Analyzer in 5.4-GA
  • [BISERVER-12646] - Cannot run program javadoc.exe: The filename or extension is too long
  • [BISERVER-12654] - The "getting-started" widget cannot be disabled
  • [BISERVER-12767] - Running PRPT on server throws "ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded" error in Oracle DB, but seems to be fixed by change in PentahoDataCache
  • [BISERVER-12772] - When duplicate requires are defined, absolute paths from require.json in a OSGI bundle are not properly converted to relative paths
  • [BISERVER-12777] - Bean for RepositoryDownloadWhitelist is not visible causing hundreds of WARN messages every report/dash load
  • [BISERVER-12780] - Redundate getAclnode calls causes performance degradation
  • [BISERVER-12823] - Repository GC fails to remove datastore records due to faulty delete code
  • [BISERVER-12910] - PRPT with date pickers continuously reloads when viewed in IE11


  • [BISERVER-4785] - Facility to import/export user/role info in bulk from the Administrative Perspective [OEM]
  • [BISERVER-4999] - As an OEM, I want to use to Spring 3.x so that I can take advantage of native Spring features instead of using add-ons.
  • [BISERVER-7249] - Upgrade VFS in platform to VFS 2.x
  • [BISERVER-8474] - Parameter URL Limit Reached
  • [BISERVER-12011] - Ktrs/kjbs should be handled identically in BA Server EE and CE
  • [BISERVER-12103] - Support for CentOS 7
  • [BISERVER-12153] - DSW defaults for zero length for numeric fields in CSV datasource
  • [BISERVER-12470] - Request support of Postgres 9.4 for the repository
  • [BISERVER-12478] - Documentation on backup & restore of database repositories
  • [BISERVER-12582] - Provide Support for BA deployment on JBoss 6.3 EAP
  • [BISERVER-12625] - Request to implement Tomcat 8.x with Pentaho
  • [BISERVER-12666] - Requesting reports with parameters are using a http GET
  • [BISERVER-12692] - New parameter for the migrator to specify the temporary directory to extract the bundle archive during an import
  • [BISERVER-12788] - Update Welcome Screen in Bi Server CE

New Feature

  • [BISERVER-3562] - As a system admin, I want the pentaho server to run with Tomcat 7.
  • [BISERVER-7696] - As an administrator, I want to import/export JDBC data sources.
  • [BISERVER-7697] - As an system admin, I want to import and export schedules. (all or user)
  • [BISERVER-10275] - Oracle 12c support for repository
  • [BISERVER-11393] - EPIC: As a system admin, I want to use the latest version of Java, Java 8.
  • [BISERVER-11676] - Support for OSX Yosemite
  • [BISERVER-12510] - As an OEM, I would like to programmatically create and manage users including the assigning of roles.


  • [BISERVER-12783] - EhCacheProvider is not shut-down. Potentially leaving the server hanging


  • [BISERVER-12656] - Unloading Plugin doesn't de-register objects with PentahoSystem

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