Release Notes - Pentaho Reporting and Pentaho Report Designer - Version 3.9.1 GA (4.8.0 GA Suite Release) - HTML format


  • [PRD-2221] - PRD preview shows incorrect fonts for subreports until we open them
  • [PRD-2452] - Example report preproc.prpt points to the wrong datasource
  • [PRD-2784] - TTF Font rendering is wrong in PDFs when using UTF-8 encoding (which is automatically mapped to Identity-H)
  • [PRD-3205] - Imported resource not found until report is saved
  • [PRD-3344] - Bad delete of a sub-report parameter
  • [PRD-3439] - Date input does not clear the mandatory flag when the date is typed in versus selected from the calendar
  • [PRD-3446] - Pie Chart - plot-border does not turn completely off
  • [PRD-3756] - Parameter-refresh on drill-Linking fails against 4.5 and 3.8-GA server
  • [PRD-3805] - When creating a DRILLDOWN() function within Chart properties (drill-url), the open formula is not building out the function correctly.
  • [PRD-3808] - Wrong dialog launches when attempting to use a Message Format function in a formula for any attribute or style
  • [PRD-3847] - Cyrillic characters in PRD report not display in PDF format after publishing to BI server
  • [PRD-3879] - CategoricalChartExpression ignores the rangeMinimum and rangeMaximum if not in 3.8 compatibility mode
  • [PRD-3900] - DRILLDOWN Formula Editor does not build template properly for URL
  • [PRD-3902] - Issues with parameters in DRILLDOWN formula-editor
  • [PRD-3905] - Toolbar icons for cut and delete in PRD are the same. They should be different.
  • [PRD-3914] - In PRD, in the View -> Grids -> Show, the key accelerator for Show is a command-Q which is reserved in Mac for quitting the app
  • [PRD-3948] - When adding a parm to a sub report it did not show me the existing parm in the query
  • [PRD-3955] - DRILLDOWN Formula Editor, if user enters '=' as part of parameter value formula, another one is added
  • [PRD-3960] - SUM & COUNT Function Editor: Getting IllegalStateException after entering second parameter
  • [PRD-3962] - Regression of PRD-3313 - report viewer "View Report" button clickable while the report is working.
  • [PRD-3971] - Internal chart fields, like chart-key, chart-item, etc. don't show up in the drilldown function formula's field selector.
  • [PRD-3977] - No outline in subreport parameter table when adding an import/export parameter
  • [PRD-3980] - Sample Report (Income Statement) - does not open properly as default PDF
  • [PRD-3983] - Not able to create chart URL drilldown
  • [PRD-3990] - Extra equal sign when clicking on drilldown icon in formula editor
  • [PRD-4000] - Report Viewer plugin report content area flashes and the rendering is much slower than in 4.5.
  • [PRD-4001] - Report Viewer defaults to a close parameter panel.
  • [PRD-4003] - PRD should allow all Mondrian connection properties to go through to Mondrian, particularly JDBCConnectionUUID, which would allow reporting and analysis to share the same SQL cache.
  • [PRD-4013] - data factory doesn't return underlying exception
  • [PRD-4014] - Buyer Report sample - Font is different between Mobile client and PUC.
  • [PRD-4015] - Inventory Report sample - Font is different between Mobile client and PUC.
  • [PRD-4016] - Product Lines Sales Report sample - Font is different between Mobile client and PUC.
  • [PRD-4018] - Click on Reporting/Inventory List - does not render in Firefox
  • [PRD-4022] - PRD - Help -> Doc does not have styling in the content and the search functionality does not work
  • [PRD-4027] - Unable to create a mondrian data source.
  • [PRD-4031] - Unable to create a Mondrian datasource due to a different NPE
  • [PRD-4033] - Getting a ReportDataFactoryException when previewing a Mondrian query
  • [PRD-4034] - Win32 WIndows 7 using IE8 - reporting does not render view properly
  • [PRD-4047] - Style -> URL MessageFormat gives IllegalStateException when attempting to set values.
  • [PRD-4053] - Clicking help/documentation does not do anything
  • [PRD-4060] - Failed to load transformation file with MongoDbInput
  • [PRD-4214] - When running a procedure in sql server and returning a result set, no fields are showing up in the data tab to develop my report using 3.9.1


  • [PRD-3450] - Improvement required for "url-formula" option in radar chart
  • [PRD-3862] - Reporting Engine Does Not Support Custom Properties on PME Models Such as max_rows and timeout
  • [PRD-3898] - EHCacheProvider could inform about a misconfigured cache
  • [PRD-3921] - As a developer, I would like to have ability to mock objects

New Feature

  • [PRD-2109] - Freeze header in Excel output
  • [PRD-2551] - An option to Freeze Report Column
  • [PRD-3260] - Query Customization requirements as last-leg transformations, when data source is Metadata
  • [PRD-3842] - Freeze Panes in Excel Export
  • [PRD-4004] - As a reporting user, I want the ability to declare additional mondrian connection properties (like 'jdbcconnectionuid') on a mondrian connection


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