Release Notes - Pentaho Reporting and Pentaho Report Designer - Version 3.8.3 GA (4.1.0 GA Suite Release) - HTML format


  • [PRD-1117] - Click & Drag doesn't work on ANY elements.
  • [PRD-1513] - NO DATA AVAILABLE messages, issues with editor when using PivotCategorySetCollectorFunction
  • [PRD-1817] - Error when closing all tabs
  • [PRD-1983] - Lines elements are not being displayed in Excel output.
  • [PRD-1989] - RowBanding not visible in HTML Output when executed by xAction
  • [PRD-2025] - Open form Repository is not saving user credentials
  • [PRD-2027] - Small dialog is opened when toggling between preview and edit. It cannot be dismissed.
  • [PRD-2041] - Legacy Sales Report By Customer image does not appear when publishing
  • [PRD-2050] - formatting of subreport is not applied if the query returns an empty result set.
  • [PRD-2051] - Preview on datasource editors doesn't work once parameters have been added to the query.
  • [PRD-2057] - Mismatch between parameter value type and type of database field does not produce any warning/error in the logs.
  • [PRD-2065] - Export of in line subreports creates extra rows
  • [PRD-2100] - Image-Support in RTF export is incomplete
  • [PRD-2320] - (Kettle?) Queries are not cached and executed more than once during a report generation
  • [PRD-2420] - Using date parameter value types with Metadata data source should automatically format the date format appropriately.
  • [PRD-2449] - Connector to Lucid DB doesn't support http
  • [PRD-2643] - Repeated background colour of detail header ignored in platform when using HTML
  • [PRD-2740] - HIde the blue frame on the hyperlinked image
  • [PRD-2763] - PageFooter display-on-last-page is broken
  • [PRD-2881] - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to return a valid pageformat.
  • [PRD-2949] - DND from data-set not aligned well over report canvas
  • [PRD-2976] - "Close other tabs .." menu entry in PRD does not work properly ..
  • [PRD-3017] - Subreports don't inherit the style
  • [PRD-3028] - Band color changes automatically
  • [PRD-3031] - as a report designer, i do not want that PRD decides itself to open or close nodes in the navigation bar
  • [PRD-3057] - Show Element Hints does not always display correctly
  • [PRD-3078] - Report fails to run if the parameter value is a report function when used to drive a metadata query to another sub report.
  • [PRD-3082] - The UI for publishing reports to the server is not intuitive
  • [PRD-3246] - No way of adding a host to the list in the Password Exceptions dialog under Network in Preferences.
  • [PRD-3252] - Opening a PRPT with a query that fails upon preview, the whole toolbar disappears making it difficult for the user to get back to edit mode.
  • [PRD-3346] - 2nd level subreport's charts are not shown
  • [PRD-3366] - On opening up Parameter dialog has time-zone field visible for non date parameter
  • [PRD-3409] - If I set the border on the left side of the band with a group band, it views fine in preview mode and pdf. However, when I view it HTML, it appears like the text is indented.
  • [PRD-3415] - As a reporting user I need a way to clear the report data cache from within the report designer.
  • [PRD-3553] - Nonlinear Scalability in Reporting Engine
  • [PRD-3602] - When using a POST request the reporting plugin redirects to a parameterless request and dies with an error
  • [PRD-3607] - Integer parameters not working with Bi server 4.0 GA
  • [PRD-3609] - Report Engine Functions not calculating inside nested subreport
  • [PRD-3612] - Issue with Cascading Prompts
  • [PRD-3947] - Charts don't show up when subreport is included in group header


  • [PRD-3353] - Need a way to set the Bar Label Font in a Bar-Chart
  • [PRD-3605] - Update Report Designer Assembly to include Mondrian 3.3


  • [PRD-3666] - How to create Graphical Report using Pentaho Report Designer's API??

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