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Released: 13/Apr/16

Release Notes

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UnknownImprovementPDI-13106Oozie exceptions are hidden. Need to provide more infoAliaksei SimkinClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-14052Clarify "Carte Settings" related to log and object lifetimesEduardo LopesClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14185Delete popup not deleting clicked stepPaula ClementeClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-14364In spoon, the Insert/update step’s “Edit mapping” leaves Update Y/N selection in Update/Insert Table empty.UnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14375Incorrect time displayed in Version History after some operations with transformation/jobs in the DI repositoryAlena KarneichykClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-14388Update the Job/Transformation icons in the repository explorer & open dialogEduardo LopesClosed
UnknownTaskPDI-14397Update the Job and Transformation step iconsUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14400Update Job Executor and Transformation Executor step iconsPaula ClementeClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14410Create a Database Connection and close the transformation - lost the Database Connection createdEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14641Unable to rename database connectionPaula ClementeClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14750Update Mongo DB input/output icons in PDI to new lookEduardo LopesClosed
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14751UX: Validate updated iconsPJ HaftClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14784Unused Database Connections are deleted after reopen job (transformation).Aliaksei SimkinClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14905Build Model job entry allows special characters in model name field that are not allow in PUCEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14919Windows Unix Converter deletes files if from a different volumeGolda ThomasClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14942Cannot save new calculated measures in a repository transformationEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
UnknownBugPDI-14967Remove unnecessary dependencies from VerticaBulkLoader pluginAlena KarneichykClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15016Text File Input filter skips rows of Fixed FileUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15302Error at karaf initialization when multiple instances of pan/kitchen are started, lead to random errorsUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-6768Test button on the database connection dialog for plugin connections (like OpenERP, Palo) returns ClassNotFoundExceptionAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-11421Moving MySQL data via Bulk Loader with DECIMAL Data Type from one MySQL Table to another has precision errors Aliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-13172MongoDB Output doesn't update fields with null valuesAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-13240Setting for 'Log record timeout' field under Logging - Metrics cannot be savedAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-13274Data Validator Validation Fails if Data Type is not String and Only Numeric data expected is checkedAlena KarneichykClosed
UrgentBugPDI-13684Change in null behavior in 5.x versionAlena KarneichykClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14192PDI, "Oozie Job Executor" step: new properties can't be added manuallyAliaksei SimkinClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14260Spoon: "Close Other Tabs" disables the Save buttonsUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14343Timestamp for jobs in DI repository continuously displays the same value for different versions Alena KarneichykClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14358Text File Input Interpreting missing values as empty strings instead of nullAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentImprovementPDI-14393Change default Salesforce Input step URL from www. to login.Eduardo LopesClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14443Hadoop Kerberos security ticket not renewed after expireAliaksei SimkinClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14485Model published from Spoon - the Datasource appears for PIR but generates an error when trying to be usedPavel MikhnevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14499Randomly missing header/footer in PDF created by Pentaho Reporting file output stepAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14508Excel Writer step broken with VFS2 changesAlena KhamitsevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14522When sftp server has default user folder, absolute urls don't workPavel HrakovichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14530When job fails the job entry is not updated fail iconUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14531Not able to delete a folder created under the Home folder in the DI Repository on UbuntuAlena KhamitsevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14537Local Data Service not workingGolda ThomasClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14632When exporting transformations from a repository logging information is being inserted when the logging data does not existDzmitry KrauchankaClosed always returns exit status 0 on linux, bug is in spoon.shAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14665Excel File Input crashes on 6.0 when fed zip file from previous stepAlena KarneichykClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14690pan and kitchen should run without web featuresRobert DomitrovichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14718Migrator Import: Appending extra file extensionUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14733Migrator Export: Filenames changed to replace "special" characters with underscoresUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14735PDI Step logging is incorrect when executed using Japanese languageValia CarterClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14742Mapping (Sub-transformations) step fails when executing on remote carte slave serverEduardo LopesClosed
UrgentImprovementPDI-14789Only admin users can start spoon - no write permission should be needed in install foldersUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14823Using week in year date format with "Select values" stepUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14827JmsOutput adds question mark to output contentDzmitry KrauchankaClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14854NPE in Excel Writer Step caused by fix for PDI-11374Valia CarterClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14866Sort Rows does not sort Timestamp fields in descending orderRobert DomitrovichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14878Encountered error 'unable to save element ...' when attempt to save transformationUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14882Hang in OSGIPluginTracker due to concurrent hashmap accessEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14935Connection leak issue in PDIPavel HrakovichClosed
UrgentBugPDI-14949DI-Server 6.0 on Jboss: Karaf can not properly initializeUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-15094PDI 5.4 Client performance degrades when connecting to remote PDI 5.4 repositoryMichael MrstikClosed
HighBugPDI-1862Some database connection pooling properties not working as expected (testWhileIdle, timeBetweenEvictionRunMillis, etc.)UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-3405Database Explorer: "Preview first 100" actually retrieves 10,000 records.UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-4837CSV File Input - fails to populate rownum, filenameField, input row countValia CarterClosed
HighBugPDI-6046Naming an analyzer report with spanish accents gives error when publishing.UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-8930PluginMessages can avoid synchronization if it uses ConcurrentHashMapUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-8935Possible bug - StepIOMeta.clone - the cloned streams is a plain ArrayList, the list being cloned is a synchronizedListAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
HighBugPDI-8936JobMap - Inconsistent synchronization can lead to corruptionEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-9020Step logging not purging old data in databaseAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
HighNew FeaturePDI-9785Streaming JSON StepUnassignedClosed
HighEpicPDI-10321YARN, MR2, input/output formatters - Hadoop Epic of SpikesRakesh SahaClosed
HighImprovementPDI-10344Rewrite the JSON steps to use a native library for reading and writing JSONUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-10384Huge numbers causing exception in JSON input stepPaula ClementeClosed
HighImprovementPDI-11207PDI - Update "Release" text strings to "Version"UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-11277PDI 5.0.1 CE build has the wrong welcome screenPedro AlvesClosed
HighBugPDI-11374Excel writer step writes empty header columns, when no fields are selectedAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
HighBugPDI-11537Export Linked Resources: PMR Mapper and Reducer transformations not exportedEduardo LopesClosed
HighBugPDI-11947Fields added to stream via denormaliser step in submappings cannot be recognised by modified javascript step (and others)Eduardo LopesClosed
HighBugPDI-12123Field quoting of reserved database words can cause SQL failuresAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
HighBugPDI-12270Under Java 8 org.apache.commons.vfs.FileSystemException: File closed Exeption is received by Excel Writer (if I set xlsx). With Java 7.55 the step works without any problem.Pavel MikhnevichClosed
HighBugPDI-12529S3 File Input - Encrypted Variables not working in AWS Credentials fieldsAliaksei SimkinClosed
HighBugPDI-12667Metadata Injection Step not accepting more than one input stepGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-12814Need to prohibit empty names when adding new users or rolesPavel HrakovichClosed
HighBugPDI-12959Value Mapper step reverts changes when you click on another field on a Mac OSXEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-13028Export repository with rule: Job/Transformation with Note is not exportedPavel HrakovichClosed
HighBugPDI-13033Repository Export with rules does not create the xml file correctly.Pavel HrakovichClosed
HighBugPDI-13177Metadata Injection Step NullPointerException when injecting Excel Input fieldsEduardo LopesClosed
HighBugPDI-13271External Ids are not handled properly when incoming key is nullAliaksei SimkinClosed
HighBugPDI-13353When having duplicate DB Connection names (difference in capitals) PDI defaults to the firstAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-13506Duplicate Jars in ShimsUnassignedClosed
HighImprovementPDI-13609Database Dialects: Add Support for getting Sequences for certain databasesEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-13616Import leaves the 'Reference' field blank when resolution error occursAlena KarneichykClosed
HighNew FeaturePDI-13626Support for Microsoft Windows 10UnassignedClosed
HighImprovementPDI-13785Field set on Mac OSX producing gray background in PDIPaula ClementeClosed
HighBugPDI-13786Temp files generated from ExcelWriter are not cleaned upGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-13816Metadata Injection: Excel Input missing inject option for Spreadsheet TypeGolda ThomasClosed
HighImprovementPDI-13859JSON Input step should support bracket notationUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-13901Export Linked Resources: Metadata Injection step not workingGolda ThomasClosed
HighNew FeaturePDI-14005Allow Meta Data Injection in S3 input and S3 output componentsGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-14015Repository import does not populate the transformation reference correctly on the Metadata Injection stepGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-14077Hadoop File Output fails to load XML when "Accept file name from field" is selectedDarya BaranovichClosed
HighBugPDI-14093Carte server errorUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14124While running a transformation in a job on a slave server, the getSystemInfo parent batch id always returns 0/null for first levelAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14146Error handling for Job step Transformation when target is not foundUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14161Unix to Dos Conversion is not idempotentUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14179FTP put error when using ${Internal.Job.Filename.Directory} internal variableAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14194Error with S3 CSV Input step - Unable to Get Fields CorrectlyAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
HighBugPDI-14239DI Repository: New folder is created even after clicking on the button 'X' or "ESC" .Matthew QuinlanClosed
HighBugPDI-14261JSON Input step throws NullPointerException when passed a Null ValueEduardo LopesClosed
HighBugPDI-14330No error with "ETL Metadata Injection" Step Bug When Referenced Step Doesn't ExistGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-14344Execute a process/Shell fails with Unknown error 316 on OS X YosemiteUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14391Migrator: impossible to export some steps.Emanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-14419Table Input Step - Insert data from step - writes to other table input stepsAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-14440TransExecutor step does not declare its outgoing fieldsMatthew QuinlanClosed
HighImprovementPDI-14470Spoon fails on OSX 10.11 (15A284)UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14481Blanks in Name of Data Service will not result in testing of service - Message will be displayed that the FROM Clause can only have a table name and optionally a alias is supported UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14503Incorrect lineage graphml is being generated when running ktr's or kjb's locally on a windows implementation of PDIBrian MariniClosed
HighBugPDI-14513Cancel creates duplicate field in Annotate StreamAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14517Deleting an annotation in the Annotate Stream step clears the field description of Calculated Measure annotationsValia CarterClosed
HighBugPDI-14520On the second time that we launch Spoon we see message: "ERROR [WebjarsURLConnection] Error Transforming zip"UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14526Erroneous "Database Connection already exists" message when renaming connectionsPaula ClementeClosed
HighBugPDI-14536"Start a YARN Kettle Cluster" fails if it was saved in earlier Pentaho version and contains "File System Path" as variableAliaksei SimkinClosed
HighBugPDI-14547Dataservices shouldn't cache result if transform failsAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-14548[SIGSEGV] Creating a Data Services, run a query then close Spoon, cause a Segmentation FaultEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-14549[NPE] Everytime we open the Data Service dialog and then close Spoon, we have a NullPointerExceptionEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-14551Dataservice test dialog: closing the dialog before completion can result in cache being stored without all dataAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-14560Annotate Stream step: Spoon locks/throws an Exception when clicking on the Hierarchy fieldPaula ClementeClosed
HighBugPDI-14608Automatic Documentation Output not drawing error hopsUladzimir PihinClosed
HighBugPDI-14610Null pointer exception in Excel input step on cells without value.Paula ClementeClosed
HighBugPDI-14611PMR Transformation Verify process slower in PDI 5.xEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-14614Get Repository Names does not save Object Type correctlyAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14618Creating a connection from an open KTR or KJB when connected to repository allows to create connections with the same names (identical) or with the same names but with differ caseAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14629Error on location of OSGI and log4j.xml file on invoking KitchenUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14635Unable to host data services from carteAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14651Data Conversion errors when getting MSSQL Binary dataUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14657ESAPI related messages in Spoon console outputAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14768When HDFS has files with spaces, some PDI component have strange/odd behaviorGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-14800Get Filenames step ignores parameter valuesUladzimir PihinClosed
HighBugPDI-14824Following Migration from 4.8 to 5.4, Unable to Delete Folders in Spoon Repository ExplorerUladzimir PihinClosed
HighBugPDI-14832Default values not working in TextFileInputAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14834Non admin users are unable to open jobs/transformations after migrating from 4.x to 5.4.xEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighNew FeaturePDI-14838As a modern developer I want to be able to assemble pentaho-cassandra-plugin using java 8 jdkUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-14868Sort Rows - Cannot sort Internet Address TypesRobert DomitrovichClosed
HighBugPDI-14870MapReduce Output step doesnt log any info to the logGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-14881MongoDB Input step does not accept username/password environment variablesAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugPDI-14901Clustered Transformation does not release sockets after errorEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
HighBugPDI-14904Check Db connections step timeout is wrong for millisecondsRobert DomitrovichClosed
HighBugPDI-15126LogConfigurationException error:when running or kitchen.shAlena KarneichykClosed
MediumBugPDI-3314very slow database lookup if "not all equal conditions" and "load all rows at start"Pavel MikhnevichClosed
MediumBugPDI-3851PDI perspectives - remove padding from right so perspectives buttons align tighter to the right.UnassignedClosed
MediumBugPDI-4974Comment in SQL of Execute SQL script step causes an errorPreethi MuppallaClosed
MediumBugPDI-6442Typo in HTTP job step optionUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeaturePDI-7224ETL Metadata Injection step: need an option to Set ParametersGolda ThomasClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-7413Usability: When no steps are selected for preview, make it clearer how to do soUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-7448Add VFS read capabilities to JSON inputUnassignedClosed
MediumBugPDI-8653While uninstalling the PDI installer it removes all instances on Monet Db from the machine, so switching back to testing the nightly, monet DB has to be installed manually and set up manually.TriageClosed
MediumNew FeaturePDI-10271Support XML output with the Meta Data Injection StepEduardo LopesClosed
MediumBugPDI-10310Fix all -Xlint:all warnings in PDITriageClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-10546Google Analytics Meta Data InjectionGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-10551Broken error handling in JSON Input stepPaula ClementeClosed
MediumBugPDI-12074AnalyticQuery: No variables can be used for NRobert DomitrovichClosed
MediumBugPDI-12569Thin JDBC - SQL near 8K characters causes HTTP errorsAlena KarneichykClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-12624Metadata Injection to support MS Excel Output FilenameEduardo LopesClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-12951Add metadata injection support to stream lookupGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-12967Flip Hop should not be allowed for Start Job EntryRobert DomitrovichClosed
MediumBugPDI-12988Analytic Query step doesnt do Linenr loggingEduardo LopesClosed
MediumNew FeaturePDI-13437Add Metadata Injection support to the Value Mapper step.Golda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-13465PDI does not observe log level for "General" and "RepositoriesMeta" itemsEduardo LopesClosed
MediumBugPDI-13761ETL Metadata Injection + Row (de)normalizerGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-14132About screen - information of GA, build version is out of screenAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
MediumBugPDI-14178Command-line Import Incorrectly Reports ExceptionsUladzimir PihinClosed
MediumBugPDI-14232"Log line timeout (days)" not deleting old log table entries (job logging)Aliaksandr BialkevichClosed
MediumBugPDI-14337Add file to result checkbox in Get File Names step is not saved Aliaksei SimkinClosed
MediumBugPDI-14405Table Compare does not take variablesRobert DomitrovichClosed
MediumBugPDI-14411CTRL+W cause NullPointerExceptionPaula ClementeClosed
MediumBugPDI-14433Call DB Procedures doesn't show schemaAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
MediumBugPDI-14448Kitchen logging changes for Local and DI server executionAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
MediumBugPDI-14488Pentaho Data Services - Cannot use the LIKE operator on a field configured for push down to a MongoDB Input stepAlena KarneichykClosed
MediumBugPDI-14535Repository Explorer: clicking on the Lock icon throws errors to the logsPaula ClementeClosed - OSGI Log4j.xml not found when start SpoonPavel MikhnevichClosed
MediumBugPDI-14541All plugins bundled with pdi-ce and pdi-ee should have the file "version.xml"Golda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-14555Oozie Job Executor: Workflow Properties table doesn't refresh correctly.Aliaksei SimkinClosed
MediumBugPDI-14613Kitchen and Pan are missing a valid Log Level in help messageJose BerdeciaClosed
MediumBugPDI-14633Database connections with the same name but with the spaces at the beginning & at the end should be treated as identical. Spoon shouldn't allow to create such connectionsAlena KarneichykClosed
MediumBugPDI-14708Consistent File Type for Serialize to FileValia CarterClosed
MediumBugPDI-14711Step should be highlighted when right-clickedGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-14728Increase the height and width of Hadoop Cluster dialogGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-14749Greenplum loader step does not handle TYPE_TIMESTAMPUladzimir PihinClosed
MediumBugPDI-14794Error in trans with a csv using lazy initialization and memory group by UnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-14861Add NULL_AS support to kettle-gpload-pluginUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-14908When using Link Dimension the Debug or Row Level should print the annotations on this Link DimensionEmanuel TeixeiraClosed
LowBugPDI-2332typo in XMLJoin exceptionUnassignedClosed
LowImprovementPDI-3292RIght Clicking on a step should select it.UnassignedClosed
LowBugPDI-3565Maximum Undo Levels not taking effect.UnassignedClosed
LowBugPDI-7457ETL Metadata Injection step not generating Output FieldsEduardo LopesClosed
LowBugPDI-8457Green Plum Load Step throws data formatting errors when there is a null value in the context of text file.UnassignedClosed
LowBugPDI-12501"Memory Group By" step throws error if no data received in a mappingGolda ThomasClosed
LowBugPDI-13708Excel Writer: Typo in error messageRobert DomitrovichClosed
LowBugPDI-14049UI issues on Publish Model stepPaula ClementeClosed
LowBugPDI-14219[Mail] On the job entry Mail the field "Comment" is missing indication that support variablesAliaksei SimkinClosed
LowBugPDI-14307"File|New|Database Connection" unavailable after creating TransformationAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
LowBugPDI-14392Publish Model UX issues - MacOS specificPaula ClementeClosed
LowBugPDI-14404Confusing Dialog name when Exporting from repository with rulesValia CarterClosed
LowBugPDI-14538Resize icons in the PDI tree.Paula ClementeClosed
LowBugPDI-14543Unused properties in pdi-pur-pluginAliaksandr PratkinClosed
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