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Released: 23/Jun/14

Release Notes

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UnknownImprovementPDI-6588Palo Dimension Output step - Loading dimensions are very slowUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-6589Palo Dimension Output Step - Clearing all elements from a dimension is very slowUnassignedClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-6590As an ETL-developer, I need the Palo Dim Input step to only return base elementsUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-6591As an ETL-developer, I need to load Dimensions in Palo with hierarchies having different number of levels.UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6856Validate 4.4.0: Table with an underscore in the name the Model created with Agile BI Modeling perspective in PDI - does not work with DBD and PIRUnassignedClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-6962Palo Create Cube - Sort Dimensions by NameUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7328Validate in 5.0 - Log entries from all the transformations in a job are mixed together in the individual log files when 'Launch next entries in parallel' is activated. UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7473Validate PDI-7296 for 5.0.0 GAUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7524Validate 5.0 - Update step: Problem with "Use batch updates?" option for Pentaho stable version 4.2.1UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7541Validate in 5.0 - In the MapReduce job entry it's important to signal problems with Reducer, Combiner transformations before executionCarter EverettClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7700Validate 5.0 - Scheduled transformation when monitored from DI server (also Carte) on refresh shows up earlier instance of the transformation details.UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-8308Using channel log variables generates duplicate entries in the channel log table - Test in 5.0 Sugar buildUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-10475MongoDB Output Step - Password storage problem in repositoryManuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownBugPDI-10625Uneeded COUNT(*) During "Dimension Lookup / Update" Step InitUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-10849Document UI for Instaview TemplateVirginia AgnewClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-10855Verify bug PDI-5033Antonina DoudkinaClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-10888Create cluster for MapR 2.1.3UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-10900Remove obsolete fat JDBC driver source code from vanilla KettleUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-11045MongoDB output step should not require entering a field twice for upsertsManuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-11079Improve the source code by using CheckStyle as a guidelineUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-11106Upgrade version of MockitoUnassignedClosed
UnknownStoryPDI-11120Create main publish container - Part 2UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11153Infrastructure - make AngularJS available in InstaviewRowell BelenClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11154Create UI for BA server publish connectionRob FellowsClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11155Design the REST API with vodka to check if the server can accept Instaview published data sourcesJeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11156Integrate service calls to the BA Server into the publish UI (permissions, and AgileMart config)Jeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11157Write javascript unit tests.UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11159Build client-side calls to the REST servicesRowell BelenClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11160Javascript unit testsUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11163Write doc on how to use the browse interfaceChantel BrathwaiteClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11166UX: Review the connection container - InteractionWes BrownClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11167UX: Task - Define message presentation and wordingWes BrownClosed
UnknownStoryPDI-11205Create main publish container - Part 1B (actually publish it)UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11213Create REST services for listing and adding BI Server connections from the existing AgileBI connectionsBill SeylerClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11214AngularJS services for calling REST ServicesRowell BelenClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11230I18n for all of the new angular screensJeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11246Create REST Service to Test Server ConnectionRowell BelenClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11250Create New button is missing from InstaviewLi DengClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11415Use username and password from dialogBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11416Use cluster schema from job entry fieldUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11417Graceful shudown of carte clusterBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11418CheckstylesNick HudakClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11419Convert defaults to contants & expose in UINick HudakClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11434Add Plugin to EE AssemblyBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11435Stop job gracefully (from spoon)Nick HudakClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11436Job hangs when ResourceManager connection failsBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11437Store MD5 checksums for staged files in HDFS, check for changesUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11438Verify working against EE RepoNick HudakClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11441Toggling show hidden files does not clear browse perspective cache.Jeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11443String InternationalizationNick HudakClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11452Saved "Publish" connections that get deleted are still selected/saved for the project and useableUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11453Write Unit TestsBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-11506As an ETL Developer I want to have a preload cache option in the combination lookup stepTriageClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11512pentaho-kettle-yarn-plugin is not in the right directory.Manuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11552SPIKE: research existing angularjs implementations of tree widgetsJeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11565Development of PDI Hadoop / Kerberos integrationBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11566QA Validation of PDI Hadoop / Kerberos integrationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11568Dev work for MapR 3.1 for 5.1/trunkUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11569Test existing shimUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11570QA validation of new 5.0 shim UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11571Tell Doug to add MapR 3.1 to the support matrixSarah BacaClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11572Dev: create shim with CDH 5.0 SNAPSHOT artifactsMatt BurgessClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11573Create CDH 5.0 Beta 2 clusters (MapReduce 2)Carter EverettClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11574QA validation of CDH 5.0 Beta2 shimManuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11575Tell Doug to add CDH 5.0 to support matrixUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11576Dev work for MapR 3.1 for 5.0Sulaiman KarmaliClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11577QA validation of new 5.1 shim Manuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11578DOC: Review existing documentation for MapR 3.0 and see if it applies to MapR 3.1Chantel BrathwaiteClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11580DOC: Check and see if the current documentation works with the Beta 2 CDH 5.0Chantel BrathwaiteClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11583Integrate the browse widget in the Instaview UIBill SeylerClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11585IP Audit: Review/Discuss licensing of 3rd party source codeRob FellowsClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11772Remove legacy CDH shims from list for buildManuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-11777As a Kettle plugin developer I want to be able to draw my own objects on transformations and jobsTriageClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11784Integrate PMR with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11785Integrate Oozie with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11786Integrate VFS with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11787Integrate Hadoop Job Exec with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11788Integrate Pig with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11789Integrate Sqoop Import with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11790Integrate Sqoop Export with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11791Integrate HBase Input with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11792Integrate HBase Output with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11794Integrate Consumers with PluginRegistryUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11796Validate Folder Permissions in BISERVER - Angular Service and Instaview Service ProxyRowell BelenClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11798As a plugin developer I want to be able to have extension point plugins for carteDavid KincadeClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11828Add the ability to toggle on/off the publishing of viewsRob FellowsClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-11838BISERVER api/repo/files/tree REST service should return effective permissionsTriageClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11845Add mapr31 shim to the list of shims to be builtMatt BurgessClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11855Create angular directive for Start date/time inputBill SeylerClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11856Create an angular directive that encpsulates the UI for creating a schedule for a Weekly recurrence patternJeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11857Integrate the weekly scheduling recurrence directive into the Instaview UI.Rowell BelenClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11858Generate the user-configured schedule as part of the bundle generationRowell BelenClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11862Spiratest write and reviewLi DengClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11934Create custom schedule summary text based on saved configurationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11940Styling of the angular/dojo calendar widget.Jeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11942“Unable to write to the folder error”displays when publishing a project even it was publishing to the folder successfullyTriageClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11950Update InstaviewImportHandler to pass LOCAL_DIR to KJB schedule jobMichael D'AmourClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11956Add validation to the weekly schedule recurrence pattern.UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11965Add ability to toggle between old and new methods of instaview bundle generationPeter MinutilloClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11966PostgresBulkLoader attributes do not support variablesJose BerdeciaClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11976Dynamically add dummy step and modify output hop for "new" bundleMichael D'AmourClosed
UnknownBugPDI-11977Support variables for all MonetDBBulkLoader attributesAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11981Update JMeter script with SwappableBundleMichael D'AmourClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11982Externalize configuration of MonetDB agilemartUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11983Externalize configuration of Postgres agilemartJose BerdeciaClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11987Documentation of PDI Hadoop / Kerberos integration (Spoofing)Chantel BrathwaiteClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-11993Display Agile Mart connection typeUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12005Integrate Hive with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12006Integrate Hive2 with MapR Kerberos AuthenticationUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-12013Publishing an Instaview project with no refresh schedule causes an error.TriageClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12098UX - Create an icon for TPT Insert - Upsert Bulk LoadUnassignedClosed
UnknownStoryPDI-12103Write Spira tests for MongoDB 2.6UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12112Document the Execute PermissionChantel BrathwaiteClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12113DOC: Review existing step documentation and make changes if required.Chantel BrathwaiteClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12130Enforce/Ensure coding standards are met for PDI R pluginUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-12175Transformations failing on BA Server - ValueMeta types not resolving properlyUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12182Test R plugin in clustered environmentsUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12184Test R plugin with multiple copies of the same R stepUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12185Test R plugin with multiple R steps in the same transformationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12186Test R plugin in YARNUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12187Dev - Perform initial UX improvementsBryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12188Dev - Implement any changes from UX reviewBrandon BruceClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12221Test the new swt jars (4.3.2) in Mac OSXRob FellowsClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12222Test the new swt jars (4.3.2) in Windows 7 & 8Jeffrey ThomasClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12223UX - Rationalize what Execute permission means for Users and Roles on the DI serverUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12224UX - Review final Execute permission implementationUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12225UX - Messages are needed when exceptions occur on executeBrett ChristensonClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12226Implement the Execute permission in the Repository Explorer UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12227Implement the Execute permission in the Spoon UIUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12228Implement the Execute permission in Carte/DI ServerNick HudakClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12229Implement the Execute permission in importer/exporter Bryan RosanderClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12232Write Spira tests Manuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12233Run Spira testsManuel GutierrezClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12245Write Spira testsUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12251Document the featureUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12315Duplicate commons-vfs-20100924-pentaho.jar prevents spoon from starting on attempt to read AES key fileUnassignedClosed
UnknownTechnical taskPDI-12421UX - Review additional Teradata TPT Bulkload UI updatesWes BrownClosed
HighBugPDI-1791The kettle-engine jar is being created with log4j.xml file contained within - it should be removedManuel GutierrezClosed
HighBugPDI-2107Stream Lookup options KeyValueAreInteger and SortedList should be disabled if Preserve Memory is unchecked. Ihar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-2875Environment Variables in Text File Input Error Handling doesn't workAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-3027Impossible to clear Instance Name for MS SQL Server connectionJohn DorlusClosed
HighSub-taskPDI-3499Insert update step throws exception when it contains a date field (Lazy Conversion of CSV file): Date<binary-string> : Unable to compare with value [Date]Ihar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-3568cancel switches tab when closing an edited transformationAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-4589Execution History - Log table change is only picked up after reopening a transformation or jobSarah MoursalienClosed
HighBugPDI-4590Get Mail job entry doesn't delete emails when retrievedJohn DorlusClosed
HighBugPDI-4910Row denomalizer string parsing problemAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-5229ConcurrentModificationException when restarting transformationUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-5298Samples need some fixingIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-5312Excel Input step aborts with NullPointerException Antonina DoudkinaClosed
HighBugPDI-5595Problem parsing a UTC time when getting data from the Salesforce Input stepJohn DorlusClosed
HighNew FeaturePDI-6168Passwords need to be encrypted strongUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-6424PATCH: "Insert before/after row" menu item on table view sometimes doesn't workIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6451Transaction not working in 4.2 (Error handling with PostgreSQL and Greenplum)Golda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-6494Some steps and job entries are not referencing database connectiona by IDIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6532The EMail Messages Input step is throwing an exception during preview when "Mail Header(Name)" is included in the "Fields" listLi DengClosed
HighBugPDI-6614Dimension lookup/update Error - Unable to retrieve value of auto-generated technical keyTriageClosed
HighBugPDI-6637Open Office calc ods files wrongly imported (Columns limited to 10 and NPE)Ihar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6659Data Connection does not work when using pooling and obfuscating password in kettle.propertiesIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6676Dimension lookup/update generated keys problemIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6733Running CSV Input Step in Parallel duplicates data rather than distribute (some data lines can get duplicated)Ihar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6781Unclear error messages on stylesheet compilationManuel GutierrezClosed
HighBugPDI-6809Trying to execute a remote job from DI server EE to a Carte Slave throws: I couldn't find the repository with name 'singleDiServerInstance'Manuel GutierrezClosed
HighBugPDI-6868FTPS job entry does not work as expected (when binary mode is enabled)Ihar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-6900Switch/Case Step does not work when trying to use same target step twiceJohn DorlusClosed
HighBugPDI-6923The generated YAML file for Greenplum Loader is not correct if database schema is specifiedAntonina DoudkinaClosed
HighBugPDI-6932sorting by "Date Modified" in repository explorer dialog ( database repository ) does a string not a date sort.John DorlusClosed
HighBugPDI-6960Group by and Memory group by ignores NULL values ("sum" aggregation)Alena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-7003Insert/Update step: Spoon crashes when pressing OK quickly with SWTException: Widget is disposedViktoryia ShalkovaClosed
HighBugPDI-7116Exporting Rules file does not preserve the rule settingsDzmitry BahdanovichClosed
HighBugPDI-7130Unzip file fails on large filesIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-7172Jobs are not removable from PDI (within Spoon)UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-7241Unable to retrieve Unread E-mails when using Email Message Input step.Li DengClosed
HighBugPDI-7255The table compare step reports incorrect record as missingAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-7288Synchronize after merge doesnt handle systems that perform renames as a delete then insert - causes database constraint errorsDzmitry PrakapenkaClosed
HighImprovementPDI-7439As an ETL-developer, I want to get all my open jobs & transformations closed (and eventually saved) before I connect to or disconnect from a repositoryGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-7741"Pass export to remote server" does not work with DISManuel GutierrezClosed
HighBugPDI-7851LOTS of repeated entries in the log, implying a bug with webservices stepIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-7866Text File Input step does not provide precision data when doing the 'Get Fields' operationAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-7923Formula step requires Number value type when could be used Integer.Alena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-8262Failed to execute runnable (org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Widget is disposed): further stepsAntonina DoudkinaClosed
HighBugPDI-8505SAP Input step: cannot change Function name fieldUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-8680when using the odbc jdbc bridge with vertica get a stack traceDzmitry StsiapanauClosed
HighBugPDI-8840HTTP JOB step has problems building the Authorization HTTP header complaining of Illegal character(s) in message header value: Basic blah blah.Manuel GutierrezClosed
HighBugPDI-8870NPE on Concat step when remove selected fields AND header row are checkedAlena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-8871Get data from XML: Can't close error dialog "Can not get fields" Alena KhamitsevichClosed
HighBugPDI-8889Vertica5 - can't use Auto Increment for Dimension Lookup / Update Dzmitry StsiapanauClosed
HighStoryPDI-8962HDP 2.0 Shim SupportMatt BurgessClosed
HighBugPDI-8979Vertica - Using the "update" step with a datetime field truncates the timeDzmitry StsiapanauClosed
HighBugPDI-8986Kitchen logging stops after executing "Pig script executor" job stepAntonina DoudkinaClosed
HighBugPDI-8993Import/Export disregards "Replace existing connections on open/import" flagManuel GutierrezClosed
HighBugPDI-9024Error starting Spoon on Mac due to Timeseries Forcasting use of SWT_AWT bridgeUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-9086ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when using Regex Evaluation step (was:MergeJoin step)UnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-9088Prioritize streams step causing null pointer exception downstreamIhar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-9097CSV File Input adds NULs that are not in original text source filesAliaksandr BialkevichClosed
HighBugPDI-9123Unicode control characters used as separators ex. $[01] cause errors during copy/paste of step components.Valia CarterClosed
HighBugPDI-9197Salesforce component supresses errors reported by Salesforce APIAntonina DoudkinaClosed
HighBugPDI-9212Oracle Bulk Loader problem - LRM-00112Ihar ChekanClosed
HighBugPDI-9237Concurrency Error JobPainterUnassignedClosed
HighBugPDI-9318Import Rules Dialog - Multiple "Validates the configuration of the specified database" Are Not SavedAntonina DoudkinaClosed
HighBugPDI-9411Data Validator step fails to create fields for Sub-Transformation stepIhar ChekanClosed
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