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UnknownNew FeaturePDI-4558The user wants to have an SQL Server Bulk loader stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-6250Default configuration for PDI jobs and transformationsUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-6488We want a mechanism by which we can have VARIABLES used in steps to be driven/taken by JobMetaUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6844Validate 4.4.0 - PostgreSQL Bulk Loader fails with NullPointerException when it receives no input rowsTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6858Validate 4.4.0 - The welcome page links to the 3.2 steps and job entries for documentationTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6876Validate 4.4.0 - PGP Encryption Failing When Connected to RepositoryTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-6924Group By - Concatenate strings with "," has lousy performanceSean FlatleyClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7315Validate 4.4.0 - -version command line option for Pan and Kitchen is no longer printing the version informationTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7326Validate 4.4.0 - PDI-6177 - When using the dimension Lookup update step with a technical key as "use table maximum +1", conversion error occurs TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7407Validate 4.4.0 - User Defined Java Expression (aka Janino) sometimes fails on nullsTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7408Validate 4.4.0 - User Defined Java Expression: Strange SimpleDateFormat bug in Janino when first value of the row is nullTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7477Excel Writer Step to clean up the white space on the left of the step dialog. TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7652Validate 4.4.0 - Rss Output Step does not produce Custom Rss OutputTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7654Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7557 - Make sure all jars in PDI client also appear in the DI ServerTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7655Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7583 - Update name of hbase-comparators.jarUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7658Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-4328 - Cannot load the 3.2 job in 4.0TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7659Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7248 - Create a group called "Big Data" and move the Hadoop and NoSQL databases thereTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7661Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-6944 - "log" is misspelled in the Clear Log icons tooltip Execution results panelTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7662Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7411 - Standardize HBase Jars across projectsUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7663Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-6671 - Changing "Ouput processor" in the "Pentaho Reporting Output" step will not flag the transformation as having unsaved changes.TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7688Validate 4.4.0 - Cannot run Pentaho MapReduce on Cloudera CDH3u3TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7692Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-4313 - Attempting to delete a non-empty directory in HDFS fails with no error or warning messageTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7696Validate in 4.4.0 GA - PDI-5417 - Implement Hadoops NullWritable class as outputTriageOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-8382Transformations run on DI Server shows status as Waiting when should be FinishedUnassignedReopened
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-8707As an ETL-Developer, I want to use the SQL MERGE (UPSERT) statement opionally in the Insert / Update step when supported by the database (Oracle/Vertica/PostgreSQL))UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-9075In Insert / Update step Update column content is lost after editing mappingUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-9305Add the ability to update date/locale metadata to Regex EvaluationTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-9325Allow proxy support for the job entry "Telnet a host"TriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-9847using amazon s3 and listing file directory causes entire s3 bucket to be downloaded causing large costs when running locally against s3UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-10714Bulkloader Request - ExasolUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12035UX: Review Warn/Allow user dialog for overwriting artifactsUnassignedClosed
UnknownSpikePDI-12104Dev: Research integrating common Mongo connection library with Kettle Mongo plug-inUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-12109Upgrade jets3t to 0.9.0 from 0.7.4 to support different regionsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13199As a ETL developer I'd like to fire jobs and transformations to remote carte servers and retrieve the carte object id value to the caller jobUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13280Use Maven to build PDIUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13400Add PDI Version Info to PDI Server Status PageUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13569Metadata Injection allows saving the injected transformation, but not in a repositoryUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-13586Multiple Row Insert StepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13624Request for more detailed logging for the Repository Import functionUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13627Set an expiration date on repository trash artifactsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13641Restrict input of 'ETL Metadata Injection' to output of currently connected predecessor stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13659Named cluster approach for S3 file output step.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13735Provide a way to keep the historical date of the contents when importing from an exported EE repository XML fileUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13814Annotate Stream - Tree Display of Measures and Dimensions within GUIUnassignedReopened
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-13853Excel Input: Get Column Headers at RuntimeUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13870Adding of a status bar in SpoonUnassignedReopened
UnknownImprovementPDI-14021Remove useless Locale cloningUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14032As a ETL Designer, I need to be able to export/import files to DropBoxUnassignedReopened
UnknownImprovementPDI-14059ETL Metadata Injection step to support hex values and variable expansionUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14069Consolidate, Set Environment Var and Existing variables in one single hierarchized dialog windowUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14083Enable split files after n rows in S3 Output and Text Output when filename specified by fieldUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14084S3 Output: create system output file part number as parameterUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14110DI server should come with and shell scripts (and any others that make sense)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14193Upgrade Joda library?UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14267Table Input: Pass Input Parameters as output fieldsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14295Gov Cloud support for Amazon S3 File Output StepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14316Insert/Update Step needs to SELECT multiple rows at a timeUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14352As a PDI job/transformation developer, I want to pass additional resources when "pass export to remote server" is selected, to enable integrated testingUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14359UX: Make Jobs & Transformation more distinctKatelyn ValentineClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14471Shared dimensions should be created automatically on a new systemJens BleuelOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14600As a dev, for the SDR model, I would like to have metadata model and mondrian schema stored in filesystemUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14602Doc: List of CouchDB versions that are supportedUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14636Include with product all supported Hadoop Shims and ensure they are listed in the Hadoop Distribution seelciton windowUnassignedReopened
UnknownImprovementPDI-14669Incorrect error message text is shown when trying to delete item in explorer without permissionsTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14695As a Hadoop user, I want to be able to view the Pentaho MapReduce Job step java code sent to the Hadoop ClusterUnassignedReopened
UnknownImprovementPDI-14747SMTP TLS Support v1.1 and v1.2UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14775REST Client: Support for Accept header for GET requestsUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14815Command-line import documentation modificationsUnassignedClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14825Add facility to provide client authentication in REST client stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14833PDI Scheduler: Cannot right-click on Variables list to mass-deleteUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14855UX - Recommend updates to splash screenPJ HaftClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-14891Table Compare support for Metadata InjectionUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14924Errors in PDI File Input when a file is not required can be confusing.UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15017Add support for ZuoraUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-15031UX: Figure out how to include the authentication database field in the Step UI.UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-documentPDI-15104UX: Transformation warning for potential race condition with read/write on the same tableUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-15108QA: Check that we get the warning messageUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15131Spoon "Show Used Environment Variables"/"Existing Varibles" view inconsistent when Set Variables step usedJens BleuelReopened
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15173Add a native interface to expose REST endpointsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15283Add new-style(annotations) Metadata Injection (MDI) support to the Concat Fields stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15531Add option to REST Client to accept self-signed or expired SSL certsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15567Hadoop File Input (S3 environment): access and secret keys should be encrypted in "File/Folder" field.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15617MonetDB Bulk Loader step should support JNDIUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15693As a developer, I want to get an error when I try to run a transformation with the executeJob endpointTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15718Update Weka forecasting plugin to use the latest version of the timeseriesForecasting packageUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15770Pentaho Reporting Output step giving corrupt pdf fileUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15782Kettle version Add filenames to result could not add file to Mail,Kettle 4.0 can do itUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15788Error in jacoco ant task launching "ant dist" taskErik MartinClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-15800Ability for Excel Writer step to use multiple Excel templatesMaurice LacroixOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15813DET - When closing transformation while in DET perspective the View/Design panel is not expandedKurtis CruzadaClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15861Sort Rows Step 7.0 does not show any values in the Results Rows, works in 5.4UnassignedClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15921Implement third-party library support for raising a BigDecimal to another BigDecimal to retain precisionUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15927"Write to log" transformation step violates IDX_RSAT on r_step_attribute table when trying to save the transformatio that contains such step.UnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15944Spoon startup fails, Karaf: Could not resolve mvn:org.ops4j.pax.url/pax-url-aether/2.3.0sho narushimaClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15949No Integrated Security Option for MS SQL Server Database Connection Wizard and Causes Test Connection ErrorJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15957Performance and usage information on PDI stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15977HttpPost step should switch content-type depending on the requestUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15979Publish model URL doesn't assume http:// if not specifiedJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16004Heap Size Grows Beyond Max Heap Value When Many Files are Generated While Using the Text Output StepUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16016As an ETL Developer I would like steps that use Metadata Injection to be more consistent with field mapping requirementsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16018Japanese translation correction needed in Get System Info StepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16020In Formula step, an error should be thrown when performing arithmetic operation of Date type and Int type.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16023In Formula step, an error should be thrown when performing arithmetic operation of Timestamp type and Int type.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16025In Formula step, an error should be thrown when performing multiplication / division of boolean type and Int type.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16035Kettle mondrian input cache not clearedTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16069CSV input - Get Fields - Binary values recognized as "Date" Type and "yyyyMMdd" FormatTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16130Improve CSV input - Add IP Address auto-recognitionUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16166Logging: Optionally enable thousand separatorsUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16199[Inline Model] Reapply measure updates after datasource is republished are not discardedWilliam FaulknerOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16203Add timeout to the "Start a PDI cluster on YARN"UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16204Add "Kettle cluster schemas " to the view perspective of Job and an ability to choose schema to the "Start a PDI cluster on YARN"UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16206Add an ability to choose schema to the "Stop a PDI Cluster on YARN"UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16240POI Library exception when using the Excel Writer step trying to recalculate function values in Excel workbook. Please create workaround for 'recalculating' an xlsx file.TriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16247Add support for PooledConnectionsUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16261Text file input step: "Preview Rows" does not work when using ${Internal.Transformation.Name} to specify the File/DirectoryUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16271Allow Users to Specify the Default Output File Path in PentahoUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16310DET returns an error when selecting a binary fields for visualizations different from flat tableSusana GoncalvesClosed
UnknownBugPDI-16343CubeInput failed to initialize RowMeta on 6.1Dzmitry StsiapanauClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16347Step/Plugin to parse HIPAA ANSI 834 filesUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16354Include Pentaho Support for iPhone for the Mail StepJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16359Please expand functionality of the JSON Input step to include ability to load fields where the quantity is differentUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16371Please expand functionality of the "Get data from XML" step to allow the incoming XML to be defined from an XSD fileUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16374Allow PDI "Publish Model" step to publish a JNDI Data SourceUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16385Inconsistencies in SAP HANA Bulk Loader step dialog and DocumentationUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16386Spoon Scheduler View (Edit/Delete icons close, and Delete does not ask for confirmation)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16389R Script Executer - pressing Get Fields button pop-up a warning messagem even we dont' have new fields or no fieldsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16390There are some dialogs "confirmation" dialogs, that require its icons to be updated (currently they are using old icons)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16397Enable JSON Output to output a single document per rowUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16398Closing help pane in PDI is very slowUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16399Please add native XML data typeUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16400Please add native JSON data typeUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16401Please add native support for complex list, set, map typesUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16402Please add JSON equivalents for XML modification stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16403Please add native MarkLogic input and output connector stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16419Excel Input Step : Allow regular expressions to traverse through multiple folders to pick Excel filesUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16428Ability to establish a theme for Notes in PDI Client/SpoonUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16429"The PostgreSQL bulk loader" truncate action exists an errorUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16437Allow PDI "Build Model" Step to Build XMI OnlyUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16438Allow Call Endpoint Step to Fully Support Metadata Import REST CallUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16442Provide offline documentationUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16450MongoDB Input not using cursor for aggregations (16MB limit restriction)UnassignedReopened
UnknownBugPDI-16457Mail Step Fails When Launched via KitchenUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16458Enhance kettle gpload plugin to support unicode (non-printable ASCII character) delimiterJens BleuelOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16460Facility to avoid loading slave server definition into the EE repository when importing job and transformationUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16462Support for Vertica 8UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16463Apache commons-math library is very oldUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16464Dimension lookup update inserts new null record every run when auto-increment is enabled and record with key 0 does not existTriageClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16471Ability to generate command line command for current spoon trans / job.UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16476 Update the version of webkitgtk in the check to a more recent versionUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16483Markdown support for Notes (CommonMark)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16484Make description and extended description accessible in more prominent locationUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16493Support PDI Splash Screen Customization for OEMsUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16497regex expression is handled different in "replace in string" step then in "filter" stepUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16498Logging Improvement - Variable ResolutionUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16500Support Timestamp based filtering in Hbase Input stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16502As an ETL developer I'd like to be able to pass a properties file as a parameter to a job/trans and have all its properties to be read and set on startupUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16514Add support for Metadata injection to the Salesforce stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16519Provide an ability to create folder at a root level (Public or Home) in DI repository.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16523Improve handling of missing mappings in the MDI stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16525Repository open dialog: allow to open multiple jobs/transformations from one folder in the repositoryUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16531When Scheduling (or Run in Background) from PUC or Spoon: List of parameters should show the same information as in Spoon (default values, description)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16538Request for the ability for "Last Save" information to appear with a saveUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16540When executing HTTP task, I get a "Could not create file" errorUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16545Kettle status page redirect with `/` in the URL (trailing slash)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16549Logging transformatiion/job path or directoryUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16550Logging transformation/job parametersUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16553Table list sorting in copy tables wizardUnassignedOpen
UnknownEpicPDI-16557Collector case for strict data type checkingUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16563Set KETTLE_EMPTY_STRING_DIFFERS_FROM_NULL on a per-transformation basisUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16567Sybase IQ Bulk Load functionalityUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16570As an ETL Designer, I want the ability to copy data from Preview data grid to clipboardUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16574 "Clone Validation" button in the Step "Data Validator".UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16577Calculator Step : Subtraction between TimeStamp type and Int type should result in an errorUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16583Allow Hadoop shims to be hosted in a different drive than PDI is installedUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16585Add new Geolocalisation elements to a map in PDIUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16595Jets3t library used in s3-vfs provider is really old and needs to be updatedJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16600Unable to uninstall 7.1 SPsCurtis BoydenOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16603Additional \jdbc subdirectory for Data Integration Client ToolsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16615pentaho/kettle/status page should allow to sort and filterUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16620Shell step reports Windows version as 8.1 if you're on a Windows 10 systemUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-16629Columns added to the stream via error handling are not taken into accountScott VogelOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-16632UX - Provide a recommendation on allowing Admin to delete trash content from the selected usersRogerio AlbertinoOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16634Improve repository explorer performance for larger repositoriesUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16650org.eclipse.core.commands declared in test scope but needed to launch SpoonKevin MoOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16656Update ElasticSearch to 5.XUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16657The "Move File" job entry fails silentlyJuan Pablo Acosta ArreazaOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16659Ability to use variable substitutions for collection name and database name in Mongo Input stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16670PDI Formula step IF function : The behavior is different when you pass conditional expressions as variables and when you define them directly.Meelan LaxmanOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-16674UX - Provide a recommendation on adding a "Clear" button to the step search box.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16716The ISO 8601 time zone date formats are not recognized by the "Get Fields" action on the CSV Input or Text File Input stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16719Upgrade salesforce API to support SearchActivity objectUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16731TextOutput field for empty not null values are not enclosedDenis ShvedchenkoOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16734Spoon help dialog should not be modalUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16760DET - IP addresses not implementing Comparable cause Class Cast ExceptionUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16764Support for IP address data type platform-wideUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16769XML Output locks the file so it cannot be deleted in next stepMichal PesickaOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16779Support for ISO8601 standard for day of week calculationUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16781Repository option does not shown on pentaho 7.1 and 8.0Jens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16783Transformations are no longer run on Carte server after upgrade from 6.1 executed by scheduled jobsUnassignedIn Progress
UnknownImprovementPDI-16785Metadata Injection: Allow to map parameters from parent/injector to template transformationUnassignedOpen
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