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UnknownNew FeaturePDI-4558The user wants to have an SQL Server Bulk loader stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-6250Default configuration for PDI jobs and transformationsUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-6488We want a mechanism by which we can have VARIABLES used in steps to be driven/taken by JobMetaUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6844Validate 4.4.0 - PostgreSQL Bulk Loader fails with NullPointerException when it receives no input rowsTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6858Validate 4.4.0 - The welcome page links to the 3.2 steps and job entries for documentationTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-6876Validate 4.4.0 - PGP Encryption Failing When Connected to RepositoryTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-6924Group By - Concatenate strings with "," has lousy performanceSean FlatleyClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7315Validate 4.4.0 - -version command line option for Pan and Kitchen is no longer printing the version informationTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7326Validate 4.4.0 - PDI-6177 - When using the dimension Lookup update step with a technical key as "use table maximum +1", conversion error occurs TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7407Validate 4.4.0 - User Defined Java Expression (aka Janino) sometimes fails on nullsTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7408Validate 4.4.0 - User Defined Java Expression: Strange SimpleDateFormat bug in Janino when first value of the row is nullTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7477Excel Writer Step to clean up the white space on the left of the step dialog. TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7652Validate 4.4.0 - Rss Output Step does not produce Custom Rss OutputTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7654Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7557 - Make sure all jars in PDI client also appear in the DI ServerTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7655Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7583 - Update name of hbase-comparators.jarUnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7658Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-4328 - Cannot load the 3.2 job in 4.0TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7659Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7248 - Create a group called "Big Data" and move the Hadoop and NoSQL databases thereTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7661Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-6944 - "log" is misspelled in the Clear Log icons tooltip Execution results panelTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7662Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-7411 - Standardize HBase Jars across projectsUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7663Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-6671 - Changing "Ouput processor" in the "Pentaho Reporting Output" step will not flag the transformation as having unsaved changes.TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7688Validate 4.4.0 - Cannot run Pentaho MapReduce on Cloudera CDH3u3TriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7692Validate in 4.4.0 - PDI-4313 - Attempting to delete a non-empty directory in HDFS fails with no error or warning messageTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-7696Validate in 4.4.0 GA - PDI-5417 - Implement Hadoops NullWritable class as outputTriageOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-8382Transformations run on DI Server shows status as Waiting when should be FinishedUnassignedReopened
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-8707As an ETL-Developer, I want to use the SQL MERGE (UPSERT) statement opionally in the Insert / Update step when supported by the database (Oracle/Vertica/PostgreSQL))UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-9075In Insert / Update step Update column content is lost after editing mappingUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-9305Add the ability to update date/locale metadata to Regex EvaluationTriageOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-9325Allow proxy support for the job entry "Telnet a host"TriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-9847using amazon s3 and listing file directory causes entire s3 bucket to be downloaded causing large costs when running locally against s3UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-10714Bulkloader Request - ExasolUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-12035UX: Review Warn/Allow user dialog for overwriting artifactsUnassignedClosed
UnknownSpikePDI-12104Dev: Research integrating common Mongo connection library with Kettle Mongo plug-inUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-12109Upgrade jets3t to 0.9.0 from 0.7.4 to support different regionsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13280Use Maven to build PDIUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-13586Multiple Row Insert StepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13659Named cluster approach for S3 file output step.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-13814Annotate Stream - Tree Display of Measures and Dimensions within GUIUnassignedReopened
UnknownImprovementPDI-13870Adding of a status bar in SpoonUnassignedReopened
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14032As a ETL Designer, I need to be able to export/import files to DropBoxUnassignedReopened
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14069Consolidate, Set Environment Var and Existing variables in one single hierarchized dialog windowUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14083Enable split files after n rows in S3 Output and Text Output when filename specified by fieldUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14084S3 Output: create system output file part number as parameterUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14110DI server should come with and shell scripts (and any others that make sense)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14295Gov Cloud support for Amazon S3 File Output StepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14316Insert/Update Step needs to SELECT multiple rows at a timeUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14352As a PDI job/transformation developer, I want to pass additional resources when "pass export to remote server" is selected, to enable integrated testingUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14359UX: Make Jobs & Transformation more distinctKatelyn ValentineClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14471Shared dimensions should be created automatically on a new systemJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14602Doc: List of CouchDB versions that are supportedUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14669Incorrect error message text is shown when trying to delete item in explorer without permissionsTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14747SMTP TLS Support v1.1 and v1.2UnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14815Command-line import documentation modificationsUnassignedClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-14825Add facility to provide client authentication in REST client stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14833PDI Scheduler: Cannot right-click on Variables list to mass-deleteUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-documentPDI-14855UX - Recommend updates to splash screenPJ HaftClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-14891Table Compare support for Metadata InjectionJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-14924Errors in PDI File Input when a file is not required can be confusing.UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15017Add support for ZuoraUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-15031UX: Figure out how to include the authentication database field in the Step UI.UnassignedClosed
UnknownSub-documentPDI-15104UX: Transformation warning for potential race condition with read/write on the same tableUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-15108QA: Check that we get the warning messageUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15131Spoon "Show Used Environment Variables"/"Existing Varibles" view inconsistent when Set Variables step usedJens BleuelReopened
UnknownStoryPDI-15283Add Metadata Injection (MDI) support to the Concat Fields stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15531Add option to REST Client to accept self-signed or expired SSL certsUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15567Hadoop File Input (S3 environment): access and secret keys should be encrypted in "File/Folder" field.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15617MonetDB Bulk Loader step should support JNDIUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15693As a developer, I want to get an error when I try to run a transformation with the executeJob endpointTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15718Update Weka forecasting plugin to use the latest version of the timeseriesForecasting packageUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15770Pentaho Reporting Output step giving corrupt pdf fileUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15782Kettle version Add filenames to result could not add file to Mail,Kettle 4.0 can do itUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15788Error in jacoco ant task launching "ant dist" taskErik MartinClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-15800Ability for Excel Writer step to use multiple Excel templatesMaurice LacroixOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15813DET - When closing transformation while in DET perspective the View/Design panel is not expandedKurtis CruzadaClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15853remapping variable to another parameter when passing down from job to transform does not workCurtis ShroteOpen
UnknownBugPDI-15861Sort Rows Step 7.0 does not show any values in the Results Rows, works in 5.4UnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15927"Write to log" transformation step violates IDX_RSAT on r_step_attribute table when trying to save the transformatio that contains such step.UnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-15944Spoon startup fails, Karaf: Could not resolve mvn:org.ops4j.pax.url/pax-url-aether/2.3.0sho narushimaClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-15949No Integrated Security Option for MS SQL Server Database Connection Wizard and Causes Test Connection ErrorJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-15979Publish model URL doesn't assume http:// if not specifiedJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16004Heap Size Grows Beyond Max Heap Value When Many Files are Generated While Using the Text Output StepUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16035Kettle mondrian input cache not clearedTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16069CSV input - Get Fields - Binary values recognized as "Date" Type and "yyyyMMdd" FormatTriageOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16121Fixed file input step on the PDI failed with Exception reading line using NIO: java.lang.NegativeArraySizeExceptionRajashekar Open
UnknownImprovementPDI-16130Improve CSV input - Add IP Address auto-recognitionTriageOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16166Logging: Optionally enable thousand separatorsUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16179Problem with value null Json InputAdrianOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16193ID BATCH is not incrementingAndre De La OOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16199[Inline Model] Reapply measure updates after datasource is republished are not discardedWilliam FaulknerOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16240POI Library exception when using the Excel Writer step trying to recalculate function values in Excel workbook. Please create workaround for 'recalculating' an xlsx file.TriageOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16261Text file input step: "Preview Rows" does not work when using ${Internal.Transformation.Name} to specify the File/DirectoryUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-16278Vertica 8.1: NUMERIC type not supportedBIOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16300Rows will stop being transferred after (2^31)-1 rows (2,147,483,647)Andrew HangslebenOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16310DET returns an error when selecting a binary fields for visualizations different from flat tableSusana GoncalvesClosed
UnknownBugPDI-16343CubeInput failed to initialize RowMeta on 6.1Dzmitry StsiapanauClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16354Include Pentaho Support for iPhone for the Mail StepJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16371Please expand functionality of the "Get data from XML" step to allow the incoming XML to be defined from an XSD fileUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16373S3 Output causes random NullPointerException error - Community EditionAdam KahnOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16374Allow PDI "Publish Model" step to publish a JNDI Data SourceUnassignedOpen
UnknownSub-taskPDI-16380UX - validationAndrew Charles BrownOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16385Inconsistencies in SAP HANA Bulk Loader step dialog and DocumentationUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16386Spoon Scheduler View (Edit/Delete icons close, and Delete does not ask for confirmation)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16389R Script Executer - pressing Get Fields button pop-up a warning messagem even we dont' have new fields or no fieldsTriageOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16390There are some dialogs "confirmation" dialogs, that require its icons to be updated (currently they are using old icons)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16396Improve JSON output to generate object, not arrayJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16397Enable JSON Output to output a single document per rowJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16398Closing help pane in PDI is very slowJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16399Please add native XML data typeJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16400Please add native JSON data typeJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16401Please add native support for complex list, set, map typesJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16402Please add JSON equivalents for XML modification stepsJens BleuelOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16403Please add native MarkLogic input and output connector stepsJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16404Using XML Output step causes java exception in PDI modellerAdam FowlerOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16407AEL - ERROR [KarafCapabilityProvider] No feature found matching id: pentaho-serverUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16412Ellipsis missing in View tabJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16414Run Options not updated after delete an unique Slave ServerJens BleuelOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16419Excel Input Step : Allow regular expressions to traverse through multiple folders to pick Excel filesUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16420ETL Metadata Injection from repository : Bad encodingJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16421Metadata injection into the "Replace in string" step returns: Error inject property 'USE_REGEX' into class org.pentaho.di.trans.steps.replacestring.ReplaceStringMeta 2017/06/27 16:40:53 - ETL Metadata Injection.0 - For input string: "Y"Michael FosterOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16428Ability to establish a theme for Notes in PDI Client/SpoonUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16429"The PostgreSQL bulk loader" truncate action exists an errorUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16437Allow PDI "Build Model" Step to Build XMI OnlyUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16438Allow Call Endpoint Step to Fully Support Metadata Import REST CallUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16442Provide offline documentationUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16450MongoDB Input not using cursor for aggregations (16MB limit restriction)UnassignedReopened
UnknownBugPDI-16452bug in bookmark Content - Fields table. In case lot of field rows (more than visible on screen) and reopen this step after save isnt possible scroll fields table. Rows and controls Get fields and Minimal width under screen are unaccessible.Petr FlosmanOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16457Mail Step Fails When Launched via KitchenUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementPDI-16458Enhance kettle gpload plugin to support unicode (non-printable ASCII character) delimiterJens BleuelOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16464Dimension lookup update inserts new null record every run when auto-increment is enabled and record with key 0 does not existTriageClosed
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16471Ability to generate command line command for current spoon trans / job.UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16473Data Services: Unable to process simple predicates like (1=1) or (1=0)UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeaturePDI-16476 Update the version of webkitgtk in the check to a more recent versionUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16483Markdown support for Notes (CommonMark)UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16484Make description and extended description accessible in more prominent locationUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16489JSON Input Step Does Not Retrieve Name Value Pairs that Have Different Nesting Levels Meelan LaxmanOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16496Inspecting and publishing transformation with single/double quotes using DETArtsiom YurhevichOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16497regex expression is handled different in "replace in string" step then in "filter" stepWilliam FaulknerOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16498Logging Improvement - Variable ResolutionUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16500Support Timestamp based filtering in Hbase Input stepUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16511Jobs cannot be run on a remote server after the repository name has been changedCeri WilliamsOpen
UnknownImprovementPDI-16514Add support for Metadata injection to the Salesforce stepsUnassignedOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16516pdi 7.1 considers 450 length as integer instead of string/numberMarc BatchelorOpen
UnknownBugPDI-16522Force Formula Recalculation does not work in Microsoft excel 2016TriageOpen
UrgentBugPDI-8731Cassandra SSTable Output (bulkloader) step does not work with Cassandra 1.1.xUnassignedBlocked
UrgentBugPDI-13269Calculator 'hour of day' ignores timezone metadataUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-13416Adding a duplicate method in UDJC causes exception and crashes SpoonUladzimir PihinResolved
UrgentBugPDI-13628"Read end dead" error when writing large file to Amazon S3 (OOME)UnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-14229Clustering not working properly for database connectionsUnassignedResolved
UrgentBugPDI-14529Exported xml file doesn't contain Admin folder files when applying rulesUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-14563Spoon locks when having a dropdown highlighted and clicking other field (Mac OSX only)UnassignedResolved
UrgentBugPDI-14721Problem with MySQL and BLOBs - ValueMetaInterface.TYPE_BINARY is being set to ValueMetaInterface.STRINGAliaksandr ShuhayeuBlocked
UrgentBugPDI-14841Log Connection and Log Table Name auto-insert bad variables' values from properties fileUnassignedResolved
UrgentBugPDI-14846Execute remotely with export bundles paths for source machineUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15056Internal.Entry.Current.Directory doesn't get resolved until you close the saved trans and open againMichael D'AmourOpen
UrgentImprovementPDI-15466Data Service (PDI/BISERVER JIRA bridge) for case: Cannot create a datasource using PDI data service in DSW when using SQL queryUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15468Unable to read tab delimited windows formatted UTF-16LE file properly with CSV Input stepMarc BatchelorOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15503Monitoring - last snmp trap is not showing up in the MIB browser for Pan and KitchenJose BerdeciaClosed
UrgentBugPDI-15633KTRs built on 5.0.x with JNDI connection do not retain when opened in 5.1 and aboveMichael D'AmourOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15771Repository Dialog at Startup doesn't workPedro TeixeiraClosed
UrgentBugPDI-15828Incorrect Schedule parameters when using the backup/restore feature on PDI ServerUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-15840Unable to test hadoop cluster after change the shim versionSergey TravinOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15916Pan hangs when running a trans with a Reporting stepJames McDonaldOpen
UrgentNew FeaturePDI-15921Implement third-party library support for raising a BigDecimal to another BigDecimal to retain precisionUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15960In DET, in model view, selecting a measure with only null values results in a server errorUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-15995In Inspect Data, if you enter Japanese as the data source name, "Data Source Exists" occurs.UnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16084Carte - Can't run "Merge Rows (diff)" - StepUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugPDI-16186Passwords not get Decrypted in Sqoop Import and Export StepsUnassignedResolved
UrgentNew FeaturePDI-16187XML Output step incorrectly encodes 'less-than' characterJens BleuelOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16233JSON Output Step: does not behave as documented with "Nr of rows in a block" set to 1UnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16255Filename Field Name Changes in XML Input Stream (StAX) Step 7.x when there is an incoming HopStrelchanka StanislauBlocked
UrgentBugPDI-16256CLONE - unable to remove job/transformation in the root folder. P7.0Alena KarneichykOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16269registerNatives() method nearly everywhere fails to close stream allocated by getResourceAsStream()UnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16270select failed (-1) invalid argument fills up logs in Mac OSX when using MapR 5.2 ShimUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16309Password is not encrypted in "Show Filename(s)" functionality of "Hadoop File Input" stepUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16324After closing the notification limit it does not reappear when doing new queriesUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16326Not able to schedule an existing job/transformation after upgrading to 7.1 from 7.0UnassignedResolved
UrgentBugPDI-16349Metadata Injection for Insert/Update step get IndexOutOfBoundsException errorAliaksandr ShuhayeuIn Progress
UrgentBugPDI-16368Unable to start blueprint container for bundle pdi-dataservice-server-plugin due to unresolved dependenciesVitor CardosoOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16375AEL KTR never finishes using Hex # for file separatorUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16382Select Values Step Throws Errors when multiple fields with same field name occur Pedro TeixeiraOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16387Running a Job for Every Input Row, sub job does not reset variables or parameters with every executionJens BleuelOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16422runTrans web service does not apply transformation parametersUnassignedResolved
UrgentBugPDI-16436Issues with 3 steps when exporting - importing in an EE repositoryUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16441${Internal.Job.Repository.Directory} and ${Internal.Transformation.Repository.Directory} kettle variable are not working in 6.1,7.0 and 7.1 versionsUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16455Problem when comparing binary valuesUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16461Spoon cannot connect to Pentaho repository with SSLAlexander SchurmanOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16479DI server : java.lang.ClassCastException when trying to connect to ActiveMq using JNDI UnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16480Salesforce: Datetime fields are not being set with Pentaho 7.1 versionUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16488Spoon cannot monitor nor execute jobs and transformations on the Pentaho server or Carte with SSLUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16490KETTLE_DEFAULT_DATE_FORMAT Not Recognized in Spoon 7.1UnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16501Update step: The row in "The key(s) to look up the value(s)" is missing after exporting the repositoryUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugPDI-16504If "Don't show this message again" checkbox was checked in "Notice" dialog for "MultiMergeJoin" step, then "Notice" dialog will not appear for "MergeJoin" step and vice versa. Dzmitry KrauchankaResolved
UrgentBugPDI-16509Transformations no longer run on carte after 7.1 upgradeUnassignedOpen
HighNew FeaturePDI-124As an ETL Designer, I want a Cobol input file stepUnassignedOpen
HighNew FeaturePDI-387As an ETL Designer, I want the ability to easily navigate to the transformation logs associated with the current job logUnassignedOpen
HighBugPDI-723If you hide a step, you can't un-hide itUnassignedOpen
HighImprovementPDI-915As an ETL Designer, I want Error Logging to include more useful information about the data that caused an error (limit to relevant information)UnassignedOpen
HighImprovementPDI-1341adding parameterization for excel table input so worksheet name can be read from parameterUnassignedOpen
HighNew FeaturePDI-1698Memory monitor / analyzerUnassignedOpen
HighImprovementPDI-1834Beef up step validationsUnassignedOpen
HighBugPDI-2242Javascript step DateDiff and DateAdd are not inverse functions (daylight savings time, DST, UTC)UnassignedOpen
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