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Released: 02/Feb/11

Release Notes

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UnknownBugPDI-5089Insert/Update step does not handle boolean datatype correctly Resulting in a "Incorrect integer value: 'Y' for column" errorUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5173SFTP Put step throws NoSuchAlgorithmException when called via Kitchen.batJohannes van den BoschClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5192Upgrade guide from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 is missing from data-integration/docs/English folderTriageClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5226RowProducer will not successfully putRow() if the buffer is fullSean FlatleyClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5233Trans.waitUntilFinished() can return before all listeners on Rows, Steps, and the Trans itself are firedJordan GanoffClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5248Job entry log table not sorted in descending order by Batch ID.Mat LoweryClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5250ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when clicking record in Job entry log table.Mat LoweryClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5262Sometimes no log rows show in UI even after running transformation.Golda ThomasClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5263Hadoop Node Distribution does not include all database drivers that ship with PDIJordan GanoffClosed
UnknownBugPDI-5282Cannot run a transformation on DI Server after creating Registering the repository with PECTriageClosed
HighNew FeaturePDI-4002Create option to disable initial query of Job/Transformation execution historyMat LoweryClosed
HighBugPDI-4010Error posting transformation on remote carte serverGolda ThomasClosed
HighImprovementPDI-4639Load Execution history in backgroundMat LoweryClosed
HighBugPDI-5190Add Checksum step gives incorrect results (MD5, CRC32, ADLER32, SHA-1 are affected)Golda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5199Cannot save Write To Log job entry to DB/EE RepositoryGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5200Connecting to the embedded H2 database fails when PDI is installed with the installerGolda ThomasClosed
HighImprovementPDI-5201As a Hadoop user, I want to improve the performance of PDI when deployed in HadoopGolda ThomasClosed
HighImprovementPDI-5213As a Hadoop User, I want an option to not provide a reducer transformationGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5237Hadoop Copy Files step fails with no indication of why it failedGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5258Abort Step - Cancel don't work properlyRamaiz MansoorClosed
HighBugPDI-5261Hadoop Reducer (and Combiner) can run out of memory if reused many timesGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5268Remove all JDBC drivers from the node distributionGolda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5270Import Repository (UI) does not overwrite existing connections [and does not ask the user for]Golda ThomasClosed
HighBugPDI-5279Command Line Import running too slowJordan GanoffClosed
HighBugPDI-5348DI Server can not be started with start-pentaho.bat (sh) if JAVA_HOME refers to a JDKJordan GanoffClosed
MediumBugPDI-4455Send Mail Job Entry Fails on Batch File Execution of KitchenGolda ThomasClosed
MediumSub-documentPDI-4821Transformation parameter value (set in job, on the parameter tab) is not available within the transformationUnassignedClosed
MediumBugPDI-5146View > Execution Results doesn't do anything when job tab is selected.Golda ThomasClosed
MediumImprovementPDI-5212As a Hadoop User, I want to provide a transformation as a combinerGolda ThomasClosed
MediumNew FeaturePDI-5222As a Hadoop user, I would like a dedicated Hadoop output stepGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-5227Excel Output - split rows doesn't workGolda ThomasClosed
MediumBugPDI-5272When trying to run a job from a windows command prompt we are getting a error. UnassignedClosed
MediumBugPDI-5310Database Output properties menu shows 'model' and 'visualize' greyed out. Agile BI plugin works, but requires manually creating a model and visualizing.Will GormanClosed
MediumBugPDI-6210CTRL_SPACE does not work for variables on OS X SpoonUnassignedClosed
MediumBugPDI-6696SHA-1 Checksum not workingTriageClosed
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