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Released: 17/May/17

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UrgentBugMONDRIAN-328CrossJoin non empty optimizer eliminates calculated memberUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-625The Descendants function will only return Non Empty member children, even if it is not specified inside of NON EMPTY Uladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-1275Annotations seem to disappear in shared dimensionsUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-1449Monitor counters for cache hits and other metrics can be incorrectUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2138Incorrect results when non-all defaultMember is used with .children in NON EMPTY contextUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2207The segment cache index registry must use SchemaKey instead of only the checksumPavel HrakovichClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2358If ordinalColumn does not have a 1:1 relation w/ level name, no error is given and inconsistent results can occurUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2395Schemas with roles defined can result in incorrectly typed attributes in some cases, producing incorrect resultsUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2398Wrong results when aggregate tables used to calculate avg value which rolls up one or more NULLsUnassignedClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2399No way to use an AvgFromSum calculation with explicitly defined aggregate tablesUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2424Query defining set or member does not workUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2511Remove JdbcPassword from MondrianExceptionDzmitry KrauchankaClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2541Virtual cubes defined with only calc measures for one or more cubes can produce wrong resultsUladzimir PihinClosed
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2542Mondrian logs JdbcPassword during MemoryLimitExceededExceptionDzmitry KrauchankaClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2245Mondrian omits primaryKeyTable if it is the right table of a JoinDarya BaranovichClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2285Native filter with aggregate tables causes NPE when Name column is not the same as key columnUladzimir PihinClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2442Mondrian throws NullPointerException with report that uses aggregate tablesAlena KarneichykClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2528Restrictions applied to measures in a schema does not work as intended in BA PihinClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2529ChooseByVolume=true can fail due to integer overflowUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2530Native Filter can exclude null membersUladzimir PihinClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-2535Virtual Cube dimensions incorrectly flagged as degenerateUnassignedClosed
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