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ImprovementMONDRIAN-2341Mondrian 4 does not fully cache members retrieved from Level.members type queriesUnassignedOpen
BugMONDRIAN-2500Degenerate dimensions are not working correctly when using aggregate tablesUnassignedOpen
BugMONDRIAN-2510ReferenceLink not workingUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-13353-way snowflake schema is yielding incorrect resultsUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-1339Childless Snowflake members are always being filtered outUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-2032Mondrian 4: Queries involving the non-all default member of a dimension can have incorrect resultsUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-75352 failures and 9 errors in test suite when mondrian.olap.SsasCompatibleNaming=trueUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1324Using the same table in multiple dimensions yields incorrect resultsUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1330NumberFormatException when using ColumnDef with binary value.UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1337ReferenceLink not implemented in LagunitasUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1366DATAMEMBER broken in 4.0UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1372SqlTupleReader doesn't use aggregate tables in lagunitasUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1373lagunitas not throwing errors while loading aggregatesUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1375AggregationManager and native set functions not using measure groups for aggregates in lagunitasUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1376Non Collapsed Agg failures in lagunitas UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1403Error if a measure is present in a compound slicer with calculated membersUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1420Add support for native evaluation of compound slicers to Mondrian 4.0UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1611Mondrian 4 generating broken SQL with shared dimensionsUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1614Drillthrough with Mondrian 4 should be at the detail fact row, not aggregated.UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1639(Degenerate) Dimensions without a key throws an NPE (Mondrian 4)UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1712Loading a legacy (3x) schema containing a <View> can result in the error "View has no 'generic' variant", even when a generic is definedUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1718Mondrian 4: Several JDBC metadata calls cause "Method not supported" error in ImpalaUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1801Lagunitas: Possible deadlock when number of batches exceeds available connections in the poolUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1920Mondrian4: setting ChooseByVolume=true causes aggregate tables to not be used.UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-1970Mondrian 4: TopCount query used by Analyzer for the filter dialog is not natively evaluatedUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2114Attributes with the same name value are dropped, even if they have unique keysUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2217Mondrian 4 error with topcount report and count distinct totalUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2249Was not expecting value 'LONG' for enumeration error on VerticaUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2331NullPointer Exception After Adding Closure Table On Mondrian Xml Schema (Mondrian 4)UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2381NullPointerException in parent-child hierarchy with closureUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2391Limit across measure groups creates incorrect SQLUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2447Many Roles in Cube create performance issueUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2450Mondrian 4 mysql column aliases aren't resolved in viewUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2456MemberFormatter is not applied in Mondrian 4UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2468MemberFormatter is not applied in Mondrian 4 using member.getCaptionUnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-2591Mondrian doesn't filter out Not Available results when the member is pre-pended by the name of a level or hierarchyUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1177Define multiple JDBC connections under a Mondrian schemaUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1444Spike - Figure out whether we need to add attribute relationships in Mondrian 4UnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1927Ant target "load-foodmart" missing required inputFile argument in Lagunitas branchUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-2449Mondrian 4 unique member name differs for calculated columnsUnassignedOpen
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