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New FeatureMONDRIAN-985As BI Developer I want to be able to specify the cache implementation used by Mondrian's Member cache (a pluggable cache)UnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-1875mondrian­.­rolap­.­maxQueryThreads is not in the fileUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2179Provide an SPI for resolving configuration propertiesUnassignedOpen
New FeatureMONDRIAN-2273Add an InfiniDB to be supported for Pentaho AnalysisUnassignedOpen
New FeatureMONDRIAN-2299Option to log information on values configured when MDX/Report is executed on AnalyzerUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2313Mondrian4 Schema Can't see materialized viewsUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2316Work around SQL Server ROWCOUNT usageUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2318Native Crossjoin caching is inefficient with basic reordering scenariosUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2325Provide ERROR logging when schema defines measures with an inconsistent datatype from the databaseUnassignedOpen
New FeatureMONDRIAN-2328Add support for SparkSQLUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2384As a admin I need olap4j connection credentials are NOT written as plain text into pentaho.log fileUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2392Allow Mondrian to cache SQLTupleRead queries when using pentaho-analysis-eeUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2393Allow Mondrian to cache Cardinality queries when using pentaho-analysis-eeUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2416Provide ability to join levels from different hierarchies without producing different resultsUnassignedOpen
New FeatureMONDRIAN-2417Denodo dialect for MondrianUnassignedOpen
New FeatureMONDRIAN-2429Facility to create report template and lock itUnassignedOpen
New FeatureMONDRIAN-2432CLONE - More colors for conditional formatting style attribute UnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2444Improve aggregate table logging to better indicate why a query is a MISSUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2445Define attributes for auto-discovered aggregation tablesUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2457If nameColumn does not have a 1:1 relation w/ level key, no error is given and inconsisten results can occurUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2488When filtering on a high cardinality dimension provide ability to enable/disable tuple optimizationUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2489Do not call the actual UDF multiple times in the generated MDXUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2499Enable DEBUG log entries when Mondrian skips Native Evaluation for crossjoin argumentsUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2507Request to support memSQL UnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2509Longitude and Latitude Decimal Places retained.UnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2517Use Version Specific Query to detect Database Product Name for all Supported DialectsUnassignedOpen
ImprovementMONDRIAN-2519Allow Mondrian to Natively Evaluate Ancestor() MDX FunctionUnassignedOpen
BugMONDRIAN-2522Calculated measures cannot be set as defaultMeasure for cubeUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2242Support for Drill Through to Detail Data in MongOLAPUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2294Setting a caption to a DimensionUsage does not change the caption in AnalyzerUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2387Aggregation when using a list with more than 1000 predicatesUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2410Reports with excludes filters containing more than a few hundred items result in very poor performanceUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2435Mondrian's crossjoin.optimizer.size should default to something above 0UnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2460Mondrian Engine issues unnecessary SQL on cache clear is called UnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeatureMONDRIAN-2480When using a DSP, we should have a menu option that refreshes all schema cachesUnassignedOpen
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-2493Facility to define SQL tag on the Aggregation tableUnassignedOpen
UnknownNew FeatureMONDRIAN-2513As an user, I want to clear a Mondrian cache per CubeUnassignedOpen
UrgentBugMONDRIAN-385Validmeasure fails to work due to some recent changesUnassignedOpen
HighNew FeatureMONDRIAN-158NonEmptyCrossjoin("Set1", "Set2"[, "Set3"...][, "Count"])UnassignedOpen
HighNew FeatureMONDRIAN-192JDBC connect string per catalog in datasources.xmlUnassignedOpen
HighNew FeatureMONDRIAN-204"+" operator for sets (same as Union)UnassignedOpen
HighBugMONDRIAN-340Duplicate dimensions in crossjoinUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-436SubstitutingMemberReader.getMemberBuilder gives UnsupportedOUnassignedClosed
HighNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1552Ability to configure based on underyling DB typeUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-18New docsUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-32Efficiently detect whether a member has childrenUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-42SystemCount measure + getDrillThroughRowCount()UnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-47Problem with Role definition in schemaUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-65ordering fail in parent-child dimensionUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-69JOLAP filter errorUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-70Bug in infinite loop detectionUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-76Performance hotspot in RolapStar.lookupAggregationUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-84Support more aggregation typesUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-85ResultSet left openUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-87oprator * in CalculatedMember formula errorUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-98Driil-down on virtual cubes problemUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-104drill/expand icon appears for parent with no childrenUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-107Add support for date/time datatypesUnassignedReopened
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-109Document behavior when referential integrity doesn't holdUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-112Allow setting of calculated members as default measuresUnassignedReopened
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-114Push sort required for TOPCOUNT and RANK into RDBMSUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-117Fine-Grained Schema CachingUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-129member with null keyUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-131Mondrian XMLA execute method not supporting "Native" formatUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-145Distinct-count measures and agg tablesUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-161How can I display the properties in MondrianUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-164Comparator SPIUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-166Convert away NON EMPTY during expression compilationUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-198session's calculated memberUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-206Some Functions return null and other nullValueUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-207IS EMPTY and IS NULLUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-213Operator to convert value to stringUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-292Implement Native Cross Join for Parent Child HierarchiesUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-294Allow agg tables to be specified one at a timeUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-301Support FIRST and LAST aggregate functionsUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-304Setting Caption of query-local calculated Member by PropertyUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-312Inline Tables and Views do not work within JoinsUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-318drill through SQL for parent-child hierarchyUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-338Degenerate shared dimensionsUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-339PerformanceUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-364Specifying levels explicitly in a parent-child hierarchyUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-371Drillthrough MDX support in MondrianUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-372Drill through aggregate membersUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-377Weighting factors for parent/child hierarchiesUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-379Add fact table columns to the drill through tableUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-392use closure table for Descendants(, <number>)UnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-393Deadlock in MemberCacheHelper under JRockitUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-407Add ability to use Role Playing dimensions in VirtualCubesUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-419Mondrian fails when you pass in a role that is not defined UnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-427Replace Util.PropertyList w/ ConnectStringParser.PropertyMapUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-443set the same security on multiple cubes efficientUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-445create SQL for virtual CubeUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-462Implement Current and CurrentOrdinal named set functionsUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-471Cube Facts based on Views do not support agg tablesUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-474Additional Agg Table LoggingUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-477Aggregation selectionUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-484Enhance evaluation algorithm w/look-ahead optimizationUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-487Implement Axis(n) function (code contributed)TriageOpen
MediumTaskMONDRIAN-492Update the Installation GuideUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-494Multiplying two measures interpreted as CrossJoin in IIF()UnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-499New kind of aggregationUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-500Spatial typesUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-501Bug 2183065 can't possibly be tested.UnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-504Add having clause to Segment SQL for measure filtersTriageOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-515SqlTupleReader use aggregate tables for virtual cubeUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-520Support interval measuresUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-547As a BI Developer, I want the ability to define a default query for a cubeUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-554Provide ability to link/drill from a JPivot to a websote or document via hiper-linkUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-567Add 'stdev' as an aggregator for measuresUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-570Users should be able to define measure aggregates that the underlying database already knows aboutTriageOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-573DrillupLevel not implementedUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-580Extend MDX syntax to allow finer control of null sorting and filtering (in particular, allowing nulls to sort/filter as if they were zero)UnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-586Util.readVirtualFile() does not use VFS for http connections - revisit when httpclient 4.0 releasedUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-596support MM/DD/YYYY date format for CDate() functionUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-597Allow gzip compressed XMLA requestsUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-599An option to expand all the members with just one clickUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-602Need the ability to export cubes for offline viewingUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-610Ability to customize NullMemberRepresentationUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-619Improve performance with large schemas by optionally removing slicer/axis info for default members from the XMLA Execute response. A new content type in the request will be created so that default behavior will not change.UnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-665As a report-designer and bi-server user I want to have a way to abstract the location of the schema file ...UnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-670Making Hanger Dimension invisible in JPivot OLAP NavigatorUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-673In jar files built by hudson, VERSION.txt should contain perforce change numberUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-696Max aggregator does not work with date typeUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-717Facility to add an item name field to associate with the item ID in the aggregation tableUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-721If a members of a hierarchy is hidden, it is not considered while calculating the calculated measures.UnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-759use dynamic parameters and PreparedStatement for frequently executed SQL patternsUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-769Closure table doesn't work when connecting to OracleUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-771Include the Slicer details when exporting to Excel from Analysis ViewerUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-797Force SQL to use members of a levelUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-813As a mondrian admin I would like to specify member grants implicitlyUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-817If member is not displayed when the measure is filtered, I need JPivot have the functionality that doesn't allow the user to filter the measure when the member is displayed in the table. UnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-819Printing style colors and arrows from a pivot to pdf doesn't workUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-829The detail report is not being displayed properly when exported to excel from analysis view UnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-830Database independent reference for objects in MDXUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-849Mondrian - "+" sign displays for field even though no child associated in the JPivot tableUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-870Member Property: Mondrian does not support other types than String, Numeric, BooleanUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-872Add support for average relational measures with calculated members on the contextUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-874RFC: Parallel Evaluation Initial ImplementationUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-883Provide support for ISO 8601 date formatUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-889Contrary to InfobrightDialect, recent versions of Infobright do support compound distinct-countUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-901If level key column has a unique index, use 'count(*)' rather than 'count(distinct ...)' to count valuesUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-927Support for Postgress extensions inet and macaddr data typesUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-948Update the Mondrian build process to automatically update the Mondrian.xsd when requiredUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-971Aggregates are not working properly for snowflake schema UnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-980MDX subquery (also known as "sub-select" and "subcube")UnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-986Add a DefaultInternalType for JDBC integral typesUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1052As a Mondrian Administrator, I would like the ability to visualize the cells that are cached and those that are notUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1075Provide an Aster Data dialect with SQL optimizationsUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1331Provide the ability to define Outer Joins in Mondrian UnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1443Background task to defragment the cell cacheUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1445As a Mondrian administrator, I want the ability to use IR, Analyzer and Dashboards to analyze the Mondrian performance dataUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1446Restricting a Measure causes the remaining measures defined in the cube invisibleUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1454Make olap4j driver's authentication and access control policies pluggableUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1503Mondrian Developer GuideUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1582An API for disabling / enabling query cacheUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1585Support hybrid hierarchies that have both regular and parent-child levelsUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1586Reduce complexity of Mondrian's code baseUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1646Build Mondrian using MavenUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1647De-dupe cell requests when building a batchUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1648Rework the SQL generation algorithm for cells once the requests are contained in a better structureUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1649Only one CellRequest should live inside of the RolapEvaluator, which then emits an immutable snapshot upon effective evaluationUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1650Separate the code paths in RolapEvaluator between simple and complex constraintsUnassignedOpen
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1654Named Sets are not evaluated in the context of compound slicers when native evaluation is offUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1751Mondrian should read schema files in all encodingsUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1805Consolidate Accessor and ColumnLayoutUnassignedOpen
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1823As a schema designer, I want to debug invalid calculated members and sets more easilyUnassignedOpen
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1954As an OEM, I would like to use a Dynamic Schema Processor with an Aggregate tableTriageOpen
LowBugMONDRIAN-173Several problems in MondrianFoodMartLoaderUnassignedClosed
LowImprovementMONDRIAN-569Enable XInclude at Mondrian schema parserUnassignedOpen
LowImprovementMONDRIAN-579Provide method in Member implementations that returns an accurate count of properties, including undeclared internal oneUnassignedOpen
LowBugMONDRIAN-1810java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: pos exceeds capacityUnassignedReopened
LowBugMONDRIAN-1985Datamember must return member when datamember is nullUnassignedOpen
NoneBugMONDRIAN-2377Distinct Count issue with Compound SlicerUnassignedOpen
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