Version 3.5.0 GA (4.8.0 GA Suite Release)


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Released: 06/Nov/12

Release Notes

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UnknownBugMONDRIAN-934Mondrian does not do proper snowflake joinsUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-1200User-defined function + profiling causes NPE in CalcWriterUnassignedClosed
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-1209Mondrian reloads the cache even though external caches has the dataUnassignedClosed
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-1241Improve processing of large volume of data when Member Grant is used in the schemaLi DengClosed
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-1242Slicer size is quadratically inflating the cell requestsBrandon BruceClosed
UnknownImprovementMONDRIAN-1258Add methods setRoleNames(List<String>) and getRoleNames() to MondrianOlap4jConnectionJulian HydeClosed
UnknownSub-taskMONDRIAN-1505Service Pack for MONDRIAN-1202UnassignedClosed
UnknownBugMONDRIAN-1664An exception was encountered while trying to cleanup an execution context. A statement failed to cancel gracefully. DEBUG log fileTriageClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1119Incorrect filtering when using a Case Sensitive Database and "Match a Specific String" in AnalyzerUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1127RolapNativeTopCount doesn't take roles into account, resulting into a wrong number of resultsWill GormanClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1130Random IllegalArgumentException and NullPointerException exceptions when executing queries in parallel threadsUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1133Issue with native filter evaluation always joining fact tableLi DengClosed
HighImprovementMONDRIAN-1163Mondrian-3 should give meaningful error if it sees a Mondrian-4 schemaUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1168Level restrictions ignored when dealing with union of multiple rolesLi DengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1206XMLA servlet is reporting cubes in the wrong catalogLuc BoudreauClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1208Disabling caching failLi DengClosed
HighImprovementMONDRIAN-1228Use ArrayList instead of LinkedList in mondrian.rolap.TargetJose BerdeciaClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1244Datatype error when executing mondrian query from kettleTyler BandClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1246NativeFilter access control forces join with fact table when no measure evalutation is requiredUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1248Error when creating a new report using SteelWheels schemaUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1251SqlStatement instances might not always get closedLee ChengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1259Mondrian security: access leaks from one user to anotherLi DengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1260NPE with native cross joinsLi DengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1261ConcurrentModificationException with NonEmptyCrossJoinSarah GerweckClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1264Update docsUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1265Mondrian Developer guide has not been updated after the move to GitUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1270problem with CellRequestQuantumExceededException warningLi DengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1271Non Collapsed Snowflake Agg joins on wrong columnLi DengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1273Error message display for dev user when using same hierarchy and measure that have different MemberGrant rule.Li DengClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1278Connection pool exhaustion when re-loading certain reports many timesUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1279VisualTotals name only applies to member name not captionUnassignedClosed
HighBugMONDRIAN-1282Log is showing Query Failed - Interrupted Exception, but report completesUnassignedClosed
HighSub-taskMONDRIAN-1489SP201303-4.5 test MONDRIAN-1125 fix in 4.5 BranchCurtis BoydenClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-893XMLA Servlet Drillthrough should support specific dimension attributes in the RETURN clauseUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-928DBSCHEMA_SCHEMATA doesn't respect the catalog predicate for XMLA requestsUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1184Add support for regular expressions in NetezzaUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1197When level contains nulls, the values are not sorted correctly on the chartUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1199Cache parent-child lookups in RoleImpl for enhanced performanceLi DengClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1201NativeTopCount does not handle multiple members in role-based access control.Brandon BruceClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1202Wrong Query when using Analyzer's Filter (Regular Expressions: Select from List and Match a String) against PostgreSQL DBLi DengClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1205more than 1 measures in DRILLTHROUGH mdx failsLuc BoudreauClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1218Mondrian deadlock in MemorySegmentCache usage of HashmapUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1227Properties function does not implicitly convert dimension to member; has documentation typosBrandon BruceClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1231Add JdbcConnectionUuid connect string parameterBrandon BruceClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1236Allow schema to be "pinned" in schema cacheUnassignedClosed
MediumBugMONDRIAN-1243Wrong table alias in SQL generated to populate member cacheLi DengClosed
MediumNew FeatureMONDRIAN-1247Use native SQL evaluation for NON EMPTY members/children with aggregate slicerUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementMONDRIAN-1447As a Mondrian user, I want clear documentation on the limitations of using non-collapsed aggregatesUnassignedOpen
MediumSub-taskMONDRIAN-1475SP201303-4.8 test Lee ChengClosed
MediumSub-taskMONDRIAN-1477SP201303-4.8 test UnassignedClosed
MediumSub-taskMONDRIAN-1480SP201303-4.8 test UnassignedClosed
MediumSub-taskMONDRIAN-1482SP201303-4.8 test UnassignedClosed
MediumSub-taskMONDRIAN-1483SP201303-4.8 backport Luc BoudreauClosed
MediumSub-taskMONDRIAN-1484SP201303-4.8 test UnassignedClosed
LowBugMONDRIAN-57Child of leaf member gives ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionUnassignedClosed
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