Version 4.8.0 GA (4.8.0 GA Suite Release)


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Released: 06/Nov/12

Release Notes

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UnknownTaskBISERVER-7631Update RequireJS to 2.0 to help debuggingNick BakerClosed
UnknownBugBISERVER-7666StandaloneSpringPentahoObjectFactoryTest is failing in Engine-Core due to change to StandaloneSpringPentahoObjectFactoryUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-4234New occurrence of <IDLE> in transaction while using postgresUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-5269PUC's 'Open' dialog doesn't show all of the correct file type iconsUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7093Parameter not refreshed when report is scheduled on the Public scheduleKurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7180cache-service.js and CacheExpirationService visibility and accessabilityWill GormanClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7182Folder ACL's: ACL's are not written to the PRO_ACLS_LIST for folders when createdTyler BandClosed
HighImprovementBISERVER-7219Request for support for Redhat 6.xCurtis BoydenClosed
HighNew FeatureBISERVER-7220Request for official support of Ubuntu 12.04Brandon BruceClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7252MultitableDatasource - getTableFields doesn't allow JDBC to limit the returned results.Li DengClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7293Cross site scripting vulnerability detected in SubscriptionAdmin pageUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7429Regression in 4.5 - PentahoXmlaServlet needs to use datasources in order to easily share cache with Analyzer, etcBrandon BruceClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7527Unexpected error loading class during BI Server startupUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7536Data Access no longer compiles due to change in Kettle's TransListenerUnassignedClosed
HighImprovementBISERVER-7584Replace MySQL with Postgres as the database installed by the installerJose BerdeciaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7608BI Server fails to shutdownNick BakerClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7626Unable to create a CSV based data sourceUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7628Recent menu grows indefinitely with last opened items Tyler BandClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7646Installing Pentaho on a Mac, PEC doesn't start.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7647monetdb error message during installation on the Mac.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7648Mac Installer - Data Integration Server doesn't start after installation.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7649Mac Installer - Pentaho Enterprise Console Server doesn't start after installation.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7650PUCLogin.jsp attempts to log a user in twice if the password entered is incorrect. UnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7653Mac Uninstaller - Postgres and BA Server are not being stopped..Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7654Mac Installer - Report Designer - Big Data plugin is installed in an additional location /Application/design-tools/report-designer/plugins/....Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7671Prompting API Sample Component doesn't work correctly with RequireJS 2.0Tyler BandClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7672Mac Installer - Invalid file, "Pentaho \ Report \ Designer", is create in the design-tools.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7674User access to folders does not work on schema Li DengClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7678Installer on Ubuntu 12.0.x starts in text modePeter MinutilloClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7679The biserver-ee/data/oracle10/create_quartz_ora.sql contains ALTER statements that are syntactically incorrect.Curtis BoydenClosed
HighImprovementBISERVER-7682Contribution - French translations (message bundles) for IR, Analyzer and Dashboard DesignerUnassignedClosed
HighBugBISERVER-7689Sample report "Product Line Sales.prpt" has had JNDI data source removed and replaced with hard-coded JDBC strings - this can cause the report to failSarah MoursalienClosed
HighSub-taskBISERVER-8524SP201303-4.8 test BISERVER-8286 fix in 4.8 BranchBrandon BruceClosed
MediumImprovementBISERVER-190Enhancement Request: Ability to display the value inside of a bar on a bar chartKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-353Bubble Charts only allow a single value per seriesKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-1021Need ability to specify label format for Time Series ChartsUnassignedClosed
MediumNew FeatureBISERVER-1637Ability to override and/or ignore connection information in a report xaction.UnassignedClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-1961In the open admin console, on the scheduler tab, neither the "No end date" or the "End by" radio buttons are selected by defaultKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-2555Unable to Drill down on TimesSeries chartKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-2593Cron Strings Not editable with admin-consoleKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-2710No error message displays, after session expires and user puts in wrong ID and Password in to the pop up login modal.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-2796Xaction descriptions do not appear in 2.0.1Kurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3021Two Warnings on Startup...Kurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3279Right click in Browser menu doesn't raise "New Folder" option due to Mozilla deprecating getBoxObjectFor in Firefox version >=3.xKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3570Annoying Warning messages thrown by data access pluginKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3709Login with Opera 10 when using SSL failsKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3734Including "&" (ampersand) character in PRPT file name causes "Resource not found" errorKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3749Icons for solution repository items don't appear on loginKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-3922when you define a scheduled report in the user console, the content of the field "group" is not saved.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-4145Output HTML (Stream) does not disable paginate propertyKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-4263Report plugin doesn't handle session timeout properlyKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-4641MessageReceiver Error on startupUnassignedClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-5259BI Server doesn't render reports with datepicker parameterKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-5308SQL generation error in WAQR report when there is a complex conditions that involves aggregate attributes and simple (non-aggregate) attributesKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-5330In PUC, when language preferred is Nedherland, the menu items are not in Dutch they are in EnglishKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-6024Incorrect delete ad hoc reportsKurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7088Ok button never enables for private schedule with cron stringUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementBISERVER-7122[Pentaho4.5.0RC1] Japanese i18n contributionShingo YamagamiClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7275Report with output type set to Excel 2007 doesn't have file extension when scheduled and emailed.Tyler BandClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7400Cross-Site Scripting error with PUC trying to access a javascript variable on the new tabUnassignedClosed
MediumImprovementBISERVER-7407Upgrade commons-dbcp library for usage in platformTyler BandClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7426MultiTableModelerSource doesn't propagate exceptionWill GormanClosed
MediumImprovementBISERVER-7490Class AbstractSpringPentahoObjectFactory should not use a generic loggerTyler BandClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7525Login error when executing the URL to export the prpt report into Excel/PDFJose BerdeciaClosed
MediumImprovementBISERVER-7602Provide option to enable SQL logging for sql statement used when creating New Data Source in Pentaho User console.Tyler BandClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7621No logging to pentaho.log after running a prpt with PDI datasource Brandon BruceClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7643Data Source Wizard holds on to last selected data source type and displays blankJose BerdeciaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7651Mac Installer - Word wrap on "user-defined" breaks on the "d". Looks bad.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7656Please change the messages for WAQR and JPivotJose BerdeciaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-7709The error dialogs in 4.8 CE PAC do not have the background colorLarry GrillClosed
MediumImprovementBISERVER-7936Installer should allow user to set default username and password which can be used to evaluate Pentaho.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
MediumBugBISERVER-8189Login error when executing the URL to export the prpt report into Excel/PDFKurtis CruzadaClosed
LowBugBISERVER-1571Published Oracle 10g report within a 'MySQL BI Server Distribution' runs and returns no data but produces errors in the server.log file.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
LowBugBISERVER-2517Switching to/from workspace with PDF in active tab leads to unusual UI behaviorKurtis CruzadaClosed
LowBugBISERVER-4021Share menu item enabled when user has no share permission. When dialog opens, general tab is empty.Kurtis CruzadaClosed
NoneNew FeatureBISERVER-7121[Pentaho4.5.0RC1] Japanese i18n contributionShingo YamagamiClosed
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