Pentaho Data Integration - Kettle

5.1.0 Backlog



Backlog of items being considered for 5.1.0 GA

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug PDI-10628 Due Date: 18/Sep/13 PDI Modeler perspective throws error while changing format on Data Agrregation
  • Sub-task PDI-9305 Add the ability to update date/locale metadata to Regex Evaluation
  • Sub-task PDI-9325 Allow proxy support for the job entry "Telnet a host"

Issues: Updated recently

  • New Feature PDI-11904 Today 11:15 AM As an OEM, I want complete documentation on the public DI-Server REST API
  • Bug PDI-10169 Today 10:40 AM MonetDB Bulk Loader Step Ignore Truncate Table checkbox
  • Bug PDI-11427 Today 6:23 AM Integration test org.pentaho.di.core.plugins.PluginRegistryTest is unstable